• Get to the top of Google with our easy to follow steps, tailored for your website.

    Hike’s DIY SEO software is the perfect solution for those who can’t afford to hire an SEO expert in-house.

    The software provides step-by-step recommendations that will help you optimize any website, whether your own or your clients.

    Not sure you’ll have the time to complete all your SEO tasks? Then sign up to our Software Plus plan and we’ll even do the SEO for you!

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The power of leading SEO tools, simplified for your ease.

“Hike has been amazing so far. It has helped me notice things that Semrush didn’t pick up, or if it did, it didn’t make me aware. Hike is an amazing solution that has increased my rankings by a few places after just a few weeks.”
Mark Robinson, Albionforest.co.uk, Source: Google Reviews

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Rank higher by following prioritized actionable tips tailored to your website.

You won’t need any SEO experience, as action steps can be completed at your own pace with the help of updated click-by-click guides. It only takes a few hours per month.

  • Give Hike your product information, get 100+ keyword opportunities.

    Add your industry and let Hike’s AI assitant help you identify the keywords that will drive traffic and you can rank for.

    ✅ Tailored to your business.
    ✅ Finds the keywords that will attract buyers.
    ✅ Made easy with our AI-assistant.

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  • Get actionable tasks tailored to your website.

    Tell Hike how much time you have per month and it will give you action steps that will fit your schedule.

    ✅ All the items have clear time estimates and are prioritized based on importance.
    ✅ Do it at your own pace, with the time you have available.

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  • Just follow the step-by-step guides.

    Every tip will be clearly explained so you can fix all the issues without any mistakes, knowing exactly where to click.

    ✅ 50+ step-by-step guides (including technical, content, page speed, local and more).
    ✅ Guides tailored for all website builders (WordPress, Shopify, Wix, and more).

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  • Generate SEO friendly blog posts with AI.

    Just select a topic you want to write about and Hike will write the titles and complete articles.

    Just make sure you add your tone of voice here and there and you’ll be ready to publish!

    ✅ Generates unlimited 500 word posts.
    ✅ Easily edit and review before publishing.

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Hike works with all websites, including (but not limited to)…

  • Share up-to-date reports of the progress you’ve made.

    All the important insights such as how you’re ranking, traffic and next steps are easily shareable so your team is updated:

    ✅ Easy to understand by everyone.
    ✅ Shows you the progress you’ve made.
    ✅ Constantly updated.

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