The SEO solution for startups & small businesses

We know you've built a business through determination and skill. But you need customers, and SEO is a huge opportunity to drive free traffic to your website. Let Hike's platform understand your business and audience, and help grow your traffic.

Powerful technology

Our platform will do everything you need. From choosing the right keyword strategy to telling you what actions to make, we'll guide you to the top of Google.

Save money

Using Hike, as opposed to expensive agencies or consultants, will save you up to 75% on your annual costs for SEO. Spend that money elsewhere.

SEO actions tailored for your business

Hike will help you build a bespoke strategy, and give you actions relevant only for your website - based on your industry, your opportunities and your competitors.

You don't need to be an expert!

Founders need to be jack-of-all-trades, but SEO is complicated. We've built our platform so anyone can do SEO for their website. (Plus we're around to help.)

Anyone can do SEO - no expertise needed

You don’t need to hire an agency or consultant when you’ve got Hike. The powerful technology within our platform will guide you through the SEO actions you need to take – one at a time – that will deliver wins for your website. Watch a short demo of Hike below… 

Step 1. Build your SEO strategy

Our platform will guide you step-by-step to create a bespoke SEO strategy for your business. Once created, it can be manually reviewed by Hike’s two co-founders; Andy & Kieran.

Step 2. Work through your SEO actions

Complete the SEO actions that Hike’s Action Engine details for you; based specifically off of your strategy. Simple and easy-to-understand instructions for the actions that will deliver the greatest SEO results for your website.

Step 3. Track your progress

Hike will track progress over time, so you can see exactly how the actions you’ve implemented have driven more traffic and potential customers over time. Also, keep track of competitors and complete the latest sets of SEO actions.

Pick a plan. Grow your SEO with Hike.

Join our growing community of over 3,000 small businesses across 70 countries using Hike. Choose from monthly, quarterly and annual plans.