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Today it’s the turn of Natalia Vitti and the startup she submitted https://www.3dbinpacking.com/en/

Maths and algorithms are definitely not my area of expertise, but let’s see what SEO improvements we can try and find….

Keyword selection

“Hey Natalia Vitti so having looked over the site, it’s definitely a ‘niche’ product! ?

As a result there doesn’t seem to be a huge number of keywords with good search volume levels to target. Many of the keywords I looked at had 0 searches!

I did find that ‘packing algorithms’ had the most potential visibility in the UK with 30 SV. (if you want to go a little more general then ‘packing solutions’ has 90 SV, but not sure if this is specific enough and would lead to low engagement…)

Personally I see more potential for digital PR and outreach for driving more traffic than generic keywords. Possibly some creative content would work well for pushing the brand out.” (Andrew Allen)

Technical SEO / Hreflang

“On a more technical note, I noticed that the sitemap references locale-agnostic URLs that redirect (eg https://www.3dbinpacking.com/products redirects me to https://www.3dbinpacking.com/en/products)

Also, I’m not sure if there is an issue currently, but it may be worth setting up hreflang if Google ever becomes ‘confused’ about which site (en or pl) to display to it’s users.” (Andrew Allen)

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