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14th August 2018

14th August 2018

**This audit is perfect if you’ve got an ecommerce website and you’ve got issues with thin content and keyword selection. If you’d like a FREE audit for your website then join our Facebook Group.**

Today we’re going to tackle, an early stage startup submitted by David Smith.

It’s a big site (500k pages ??), but I’m sure we can find something to help….

Product ID optimisation

“Any site which sells parts with universal ID’s/SKUs/Product numbers etc can really benefit from having that number/code wrapped in a heading (<h3> usually), makes people who know exactly what they’re looking for more likely to find you via Google organic.

Haven’t been able to dig into the site to check if that’s in place here, but has really helped drive long tail traffic for me in the past.” (Chris Green)

Duplicate / thin content

“I was surprised to see how many “categories” URLs there are in Google Index, so I digged a bit to find almost 4K are created by pagination. This is causing big duplication issues in Google’s eyes. My recommendation is for your developers to introduce “rel next/prev” in the code – this will let Google know the separate URLs are generated by pagination and only the 1st page should be ranked. It’s quite a technical issue, but very large scale.

Here’s a very good guide on the topic of canonicalization, with an explanation on how to introduce rel next/prev correctly (and why):” (Natalia Vitti)

Keyword optimisation

“Page titles for your product pages look to be generated by the product ‘Part Number’. Often duplicating it twice too.

EG on here your page title is ‘1940f 1940F’.

As page titles are a great way to optimise a page for a chosen keyword I would strongly advise you change the format to instead pull through the product name.

So for the same URL it would be ‘1940 games in 1’.

Across the sheer amount of product oages you have, a simple change like this could bring in a lot more traffic, and traffic that might be high converting.” (Andrew Allen)

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