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14th August 2018

14th August 2018

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So the startup we’re going to review today is Charlotte Argyrou Illustration (, posted by founder Charlotte Argyrou.

Andrew Allen and I will take a look over and comment with our best SEO tip for the site.

Keyword selection / onsite SEO

“The website’s SEO setup is really good from a technical stand point, you have correctly placed page titles and headings. You could look to implement meta descriptions on more pages on the website but that is for improving clicks through from Google search results.

Where we would look to improve would be on the size of the website, we have noticed that you have a blog on the website which is great, and it looks like it is regularly updated.

You have a couple of product categories for the illustrations you have completed (which look great by the way!). There are a number of additional keywords that you could look to add to the website to make it more relevant for different niches.

For example, you currently have a commissions page ( which is currently optimised for “commissions” as a keyword, but you can look to split this to focus on multiple potential use cases like “Bespoke Illustration” and “Commercial Illustration”. A page for each of these would work well from an SEO point of view.

We would also look at your product categories which at the minute are not optimised, updating the page titles and headings on these to something more focused will work well;
Current Title: Birds Archives – Charlotte Argyrou Illustration
New Title: Bird Illustrations – Charlotte Argyrou Illustration…/botanicals/
Current Title: Botanicals Archives – Charlotte Argyrou Illustration
New Title: Botanicals Illustrations – Charlotte Argyrou Illustration

Using this same method across other pages on the website will help to improve performance, and if you look at add any further product categories to the website at a future date.

We hope this helps, if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to drop us a comment.” (Kieran Headley)


“That’s extraordinarily helpful, thank you.

So the website was created for me in Nov 2017 and handed to me with little instruction (which I what I agreed to). I’m just learning about meta descriptions and ALT names for images, and have begun to implement this. I will continue as you’ve described.

Yes! I have had a few commercial jobs for a high street fashion brand, a photographer, a wedding planner so was thinking about adding a Hire Me page, now that I have content. I hadn’t thought about it from an SEO point of view – so thank you for that suggestion.

One recent success from my SEO work in the past month… if you google images “wedding bouquet illustration”, about x15 images on page one are mine. That has to be a WIN, going into the weekend!

Thank you x” (Charlotte Argyrou)

“Hey Charlotte, we are glad it helps!

With the new pages its normally a good idea to think about the different niches people will be looking for and make sure there is a home for them on your website. Keywords such as “commercial illustration” have a great search volume behind them and I can imagine a good conversion rate.

That is a great win, and really good exposure for your work, continuing the optimisation of your images (making sure they are named well and have alt tags) will continue to increase exposure.

If you have any more questions please let us know.

Have a great weekend!”(Kieran Headley)

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