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Today we’ve got submitted by founder Anjulie Truong.

A relatively ‘young’ site, but full of content, let’s see what SEO tips we can find for them…

Google News for SEO

“Hey Matt Vogt

So I’m going to recommend something you might already be trying, but if not then it’s something you definitely should look at. It’s getting your website into Google News.

Google News can be an incredible way for news sites like yours to drive exposure, new and returning traffic.

You need to be accepted as a website into Google News, and I’ve tested a few of your articles and it looks like you’re not in there at the minute.

I spotted a competitor who is – – and not only do they drive a lot of traffic per month (approx 250k visits), but 50% of their traffic comes from organic SEO traffic (inc. Google News).

Building new pages for SEO

“There’s a few things I want to mention today, as there’s quite a few opportunities to improve your SEO and hopefully start driving some more organic traffic.

The first is one I’ve spoken about a few times before, and it’s to do with creating new landing pages that you can optimise for relevant keywords.

So, I spotted on your ‘about us’ page that your services include digital strategy, digital reviews, workshops and more. It would be great that when people searched for services like these in Google your website was visible.

But in order for this to even happen, you guys would need to create dedicated landing pages for each service, select the most keyword and then optimise the page for that phrase.

EG you could build a page around strategy with lots of nice and relevant copy (think user/customer first), identify the best keyword to optimise on that page (it might be something like ‘digital strategy creation’) and then add this phrase to the important SEO elements of the page.

Here’s a couple of previous audits we did where those startups were in the same position as you so would be worth reviewing those too:

Building new pages and aligning relevant keywords will be really beneficial!

Optimising blog content

The other topic I wanted to mention was your content strategy, especially in terms of SEO. I love how creating content is a big focus for your brand. And it works well for SEO too!

For example, if someone searches “How to get budget sign off for Digital” you rank position 1 for your blog which is great!

But not all your posts rank as well, for example you don’t appear when someone searches “The difference between analytics and attribution”, which is another blog post you’ve written.

There will be a few reasons for this, including:
1. The second post isn’t as in-depth as the first: the first has images and it 25% longer (Google loves longer content!)
2. It may be more competitive to rank for

The solution to 1 is easier; you’re better off increasing content length and variety of assets within (eg add relevant images, graphs, videos, etc.)

The second point is are tricky to solve, but essentially comes down to increasing the authority your website has and you do this by building backlinks to your site. Backlinks are links from other websites directing users to your website.

You currently have a backlink on PerformanceIN which is great, but try to think about how you can expand upon the success of this with other media/news/PR websites and you’ll see big improvements in your SEO over time 🙂” (Andrew Allen)


“Thank you so much Andrew Allen! There are so many useful tips here for us to take away. The content is certainly a big focus and your feedback on the blog length and backlinks are both areas we can work on. Thanks so much!” (Anjulie Blunden)

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