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Afternoon all! Fancy a trip up Kilimanjaro? 

Afraid we’re not giving away any trips ?but today’s startup might be able to help!

We’re going to look over https://www.kilimanjarotours.co.uk/ from founder Bejal Shah.

Dead pages / 404s

“Hey Bejal Shah, we’ve spotted a good SEO opportunity, in fact 2! ?

So I’ve spotted a few ‘dead’ links on the website. These are links that point to pages that don’t exist, and return a 404 response code.

For example, this URL doesn’t exist any more – https://www.kilimanjarotours.co.uk/kilimanjaro-treks/ (and it’s linked to on this page https://www.kilimanjarotours.co.uk/kilimanjaro-climb…/)

It’s natural for websites to have dead pages, eg when you rename a webpage and it updates the URL to a new name, or when you remove old pages that you no longer need.

However, it’s important to to remove any dead links on your website. This way:
a) users don’t land on a dead page
b) search engine spiders don’t find them either!

A is obviously very bad from a customer experience perspective, but B is also very bad. Search engines don’t like finding dead pages, as it wastes their time and can make your website look to be of lower quality.

What you need to do is:
– Find all of the links to old pages
– Update the link so it points to correct new page
– 301 redirect the old URL to the new page

That last part is very important, and is what leads me on to your next tip!” (Andrew Allen)

Orphaned link reclamation

“Some of these dead pages that no longer exist have backlinks pointing to them. Backlinks are super important for SEO, but if they point to a dead page they don’t help your website at all ?

For example, this website https://kilimanjarotourblogs.wordpress.com/ 
links to this broken page of yours

And there are more examples of pages on your website that are dead, BUT have links pointing to them from other websites.

The process of identifying these is called ‘Link Reclamation’ and here’s a great video explaining what to do: https://moz.com/blog/link-reclamation-whiteboard-friday

Hope this all helps!” (Andrew Allen)

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