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Do you rank in Google for your brand name? ?

It’s super important for any new business, but it can be harder than you think…

If the answer’s no then carry on reading today’s startup SEO audit!

Today we’re looking at www.likemeal.com posted by founder Sergey Novikov.

Ranking for your brand name in SEO

“For new websites, just like yours, the homepage is a very important page for SEO. It’s the page that will have the most SEO value and is, therefore, the one that will drive the most traffic.

It’s also what is going to appear when someone searches for your brand!

I’d recommend adding some content to the page, such as a heading that includes your brand name, and a block of content all about what you do as a business.

Google will crawl and index this and get closer to understanding that your website should appear when people search for your brand name.

Other tips to rank for your brand name

Other tips that will help:

– Create a Google My Business listing for your company. I recently helped a startup called One Tech Traveller when they wanted to have greater visibility when people searched on Google. Here’s a blog post all about it – https://hikeseo.co/audit-onetechtraveller/

– Create social channels and link them from your website. You can even go a step further and add what is called ‘schema markup’ to reinforce to Google that your website and social channels are linked

– Ensure any PR/media mentions for the brand include a link to your website

– Set up a Google Search Console account and link it to your website

– (Optional – less effective) Create a medium blog post about your brand and link to your website

– (Optional – less effective + time consuming) Create a Wikipedia company page and link it to your website (this one’s a bit more complicated but if you are interested then see this guide for help – https://www.linkedin.com/…/how-create-wikipedia-page-your-c…)

There will be more you can do, but if you follow at least some of the steps above it will definitely help!

Let me know if you’ve got any Q’s in the comment below!” (Andrew Allen)


“Thank you Andrew! Will definitely use all your points. It was meant to be a landing page at first, but apparently we need to add more info to it to be reachable” (Sergey Novikov)

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