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Today’s startup SEO audit has made me all thirsty! ?

That’s because it’s the turn of Luhvdrinks posted by Tezgul Yasemin Frost.

So what’s our biggest SEO tip for Luhvdrinks? ?

Cleaning up old URLs

“It’s a fairly small site at the moment, so I’d advise looking to see how you can build it out a little in order to incorporate some more landing pages and juicy keywords for SEO.

Here’s a blog I wrote about how Stripe did just this – https://hikeseo.co/learn-how-stripe-a-multi-billion-dollar…/

What I’m going to advise for you guys today is to look at cleaning up unnecessary/old pages that you’re not using.

What I did – and I advise you do the same – is go to Google and search this “site:https://www.luhvdrinks.com/

site: search operator

What you’ll see in the screenshot above is a list of all the pages Google has crawled on your website, as they are live at the moment. There’s a list of about 30 pages there, but when I look at your site I can only really navigate to 7?!?!

What you want to do is identify the disparity, eg the pages you don’t need. Then you want to deal with them; if they’re not needed then simply create redirects to redirect users that land on them to the most relevant live page.

You’re on Wix right? Well here’s a help page of theirs on how to do this – https://support.wix.com/…/setting-up-a-301-redirect-to-a-sp…

So why even bother doing this?

Well, firstly you don’t want your potential customers landing on pages you don’t want them too. And if they’re in Google then there’s a chance they will.

But secondly, these pages can hurt your SEO. Whilst they live they take away some of the SEO value your site has as it’s diluted to them as well as your main pages. And your main pages are the ones you want to be as strong and healthy as possible!

Hope this all helps! Let me know if you’ve got any Q’s in the comments below.

PS your drinks do look mighty appealing… happy to be a tester if you need ?” (Andrew Allen)


“Thanks for looking at our site and for your amazing tips!” (Tezgul Yasemin Frost)

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