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Struggling to hit page 1 for your keyword ?Maybe there’s another way! ?

That’s the main takeaway from today’s audit, Participoll posted by founder Ben Ravilious.

Link building on page 1

“Participoll is a product that lets you add live audience polling to your presentations. It’s cool stuff. The website already ranks well for the keywords it targets, but there’s always room for improvements in SEO.

My suggestion today is going to help them get onto page 1 both directly and indirectly for the terms they’re currently not at the top of Google for.

Confused? Stay with me ?

When you search for certain keywords, you’ll spot a mix of competitors and information-based articles – and these can do really well, especially ‘top 10…’ type articles that list great products in your niche.

Being mentioned within these articles is great for brand exposure and SEO. I spotted one article where  Participoll featured highly already (great work, Ben).

The learning for everyone to take-away here is to reach out to blogs just like this in your niche and tell them:
A) why your product is so great
B) why it’s better than the products they’ve listed already
C) give them a little taster too, maybe a free trial or such (this usually sweetens the deal)

And then hound them until you’re on there. And then ‘Hey presto!’ your product is position 1 for that keyword via a mention in an article.

If you scroll down the Google results for your keywords, you’ll likely spot lots of opportunities just like this one.

There is a Quora page ranking, where someone was looking for a similar tool. Unfortunately, one of their competitors answered it first and linked to their website. But why not post your own reply, so people reading the page may see your product.

Also, back in the search results, Google often lists many more similar questions posed on Quora aswell that you can answer, explaining why your product is a great solution for the problem they have.

So, as Participoll is mentioned on these pages it is indirectly helping them get onto page 1. But how does this help get them there directly?

Because when Participoll is mentioned on these websites it includes a backlink to the Participoll website.

Backlinks like these are incredibly powerful at helping SEO, and will push their website higher up the rankings!” (Andrew Allen)


“Thank you so much for taking the time to look at our site! Tell me about keyword cannibalisation though, I get the feeling that a lot of our keywords are really similar and I’m worried that for example, our homepage and how-to page are kind of competing with each other (we recently updated the latter).” (Ben Ravillous)

“Hey Ben. A quick way to check if two keywords are treated as synonymous is to simply search for them in Google, and look out for two things:

1 – Are the websites ranking for those terms the same across both searches?
2 – Does Google highlight the alternative keyword in bold where it’s mentioned on the page?

Check this for all of your keywords, and if you notice that some keywords are treated as synonymous by Google then make sure you optimise them on the same page.”(Andrew Allen)



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