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Today is the turn of https://reakt.ee/en/ from founder Rainar Vahtrik.

A single page website ?? what can we do from an SEO point of view?????

Single page website SEO

“Hey Rainar Vahtrik

So at the moment you have a single page website, meaning that all of your content is on a single URL (the homepage).

This can work really well from a UX point of view, and is often the best way to get a website up ASAP. One of the drawbacks is the limitations a single page website has from an SEO point of view.

Specifically, how many keywords you can optimise.

Ideally, you can only try and optimise for 1-2 keywords on a single page, and these need to be closely related terms. So for example, on your homepage you could optimise for ‘physiotherapy Tallinn’ and ‘massage therapist Tallinn’.

The reason you can’t optimise for more than two is because:
– You want to add the keywords into the main SEO sections (eg page title, and headings) and it’s difficult to add more than two due to word count limits.
– The content of the page needs to be specific around a topic to rank well. If you try and optimise for unrelated keywords on a single page, the content won’t be specific enough for Google to rank you.

So, your options are to either:
– Keep the site as a one pager and optimise for 1-2 keywords
– Create separate pages for the different keywords you want to target (eg /physiotherapy, /massage-therapist, etc. )

This is up to you, but you may find option two more fruitful in the long run. But it is more resourceful, as you need to create more pages!

Google My Business

Other than that, I’d look at getting your website ranking for it’s brand name.

So when I search ‘reakt physiotherapy’ in Google (UK) I’m not seeing your website as the top listing.

I’m also not seeing any info about your brand on the right hand side of the Google results (this is usually your ‘Google My Business’ information).

There’s a few things we can do to improve this, including:
– Create a Google My Business listing for your brand
– Add links from your social channels to your website
– Add links from your website to your social channel, and use schema mark up to make this clear for Google (I mentioned all about this in the audit I did for http://onetechtraveller.com/ last week – check out the comments to that audit)
– Start listing your brand and address on relevant directory websites so that Google can see your an ‘official’ website with a real presence

(Here’s a short article about citations and why they’re important – https://www.bowlerhat.co.uk/what-is-a-citation-for-seo)

All this will help Google to display your website and address details when someone searches for your brand name. Really important!

Hope this all helps!” (Andrew Allen)

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