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So up today is https://skinninja.com/ posted by CMO Charlotte Morris.

Good one today as I think this site is relevant for a lot of startups; a new product solution in an established industry…

Content SEO strategy

“Hi Charlotte Morris

Looks like you guys have an awesome product. Good to see you’re getting the backing for it too – good luck!

It’s a very unique app/product so it’s tough to find direct competition. What looks to be working well, and where I’d expand is your content strategy.

For example, you rank page 1 for the terms “glycine skin care” and “certified vegan products” due to the blog posts you’ve written around those subjects.

I’d look to expand this strategy, as these blogs can open you up to new keywords that will attract people who don’t know about your product.

Process for finding blog topics

I’m not too au-fait with the industry, but what I’d look to do is:
– Brainstorm subjects that you think people are interested in, centred around what topics you guys are experts in and your product helps with
– Put each of these topics through a great free tool called Answer The Public (https://answerthepublic.com/) which gives you questions that people ask around those topics. I put the term ‘skincare’ through and it gave me questions such as “what are natural skin care products?” and “which skin care products are safe during pregnancy?” (Not sure if these are relevant for you, but you get the idea  )
– Install a Chrome plugin called Keywords Everywhere (https://keywordseverywhere.com/) and set it up on your browser; again, it’s free. Go to settings and make sure it’s enabled for the website Answer The Public
– Then when you use Answer The Public again it will overlay the page and the questions it has provided with estimated search volumes (‘search volume’ is a fancy way of saying how many people search for that keyword every month, so you can see which questions are more popular that others)

This process should then give you a nice list of blog titles you can use for your website and create content around. Have a play, it may take a few searches and topics to find the titles that really suit your brand but you should get there!

SEO housekeeping

I’ve also spotted just some general ‘housekeeping’ items, such as:
The ‘team’ link in the footer goes to the homepage instead of the team page (so it’s very hard for users to find that page)
I’d add a link to the blog from the top navigation. The blog is a really nice feature, and it would be good to make it available within the main navigation

Hope this helps!” (Andrew Allen)


“Amazing!! Thank you – not as horrific as I was thinking it may be, sounds like we’re on the right course and really pleased to hear we’re ranking for those search terms.

I’ll check out the tools you’ve mentioned and keep expanding our content, it’s been on the back burner while we focused on other activities but good to bring it back to the surface.” (Charlotte Morris)

“Yeah, content is a tough one as it can be very resourceful (I struggle too ?), but it’s one of those I always advise brands persevere with as the benefits are enormous.” (Andrew Allen)

“Yes, ive just passed this on to the team as a reminder that this the cornerstone to organic growth. Its really hard to prioritise against product prios. Looking at guest blogs as an option to increase volume (while maintaining quality). ” (Charlotte Morris)

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