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So the startup we’re going to review today is https://wegym.co.uk/, posted by founder Joshua Uwadiae.

Kieran Headley and I will take a look over and comment with our best SEO tip for the site.

Local SEO

“Hey Joshua Uwadiae so first up, I really like the site. It’s very clean.

I love the fact you’ve built out pages to target each of the different regions of London, such as Aldgate, knightsbridge, etc.

My tip is around those pages. Some rank very well, others don’t. My initial guess is that this is due to how competitive that region is for PT.

The biggest issue I see with these pages is what I call ‘boilerplate content’. This is essentially any content that is duplicated across many pages. So for these pages the copy is almost identical, with the exception of the change of name for the region (eg swap Aldergate with Knightsbridge).

The problem with this is two-fold:
– Google devalues content that is duplicated across many pages. You don’t get ‘penalised’ but the page is devalued
– You’re not providing enough unique copy to give ‘real value’ to the user about the region (especially in Google’s eyes – if they had any 🙂 )

I would advise you look at ways to reduce the amount of boilerplate content between these pages, and increase the amount of unique copy.

So can you…
– add unique copy talking about the area in more detail? Maybe some info around the top gyms, the best places to refuel, anything that’s unique
– add unique copy via detailing what PT’s you have in the region? (I spotted the NRTP website does this well)
– add reviews from users in those regions?

Just some ideas, but sure you’ll have some others.

And work to the 50/50 rule – try to have a blend of 50% unique copy to 50% boilerplate copy.

It’s a big job I know, so you could try it out on a few pages at first, see what works best, and then roll it out.

” (Andrew Allen)


“Thanks mate! Do you think we are certainly being penalised for this? Also – how do you think we could structure the content solution. Mentally I imagine we could outsource this as I have a freelance editor i’ve worked with previously!” (Joshua Uwadiae)

“No you won’t be penalised for duplicate content. Google have made that very clear. But you’re likely holding yourself back by having it.

I’d come up with a few new topics/sections that could be applied across all pages. EG for each local area page we’re going to have a section on the gyms you cover in that area. And a section on the PT’s that serve that area.

Build out a single page to accommodate this new copy, so you get it looking how you want it to.

Then I’d just recommend using your freelance editor to replicate the same process across all other area pages, until they have all been updated with these new copy topics.

Of course, it doesn’t have to be gyms/local PTs. It could be anything you think would be relevant for the customer who lands on that page AND the copy will necessarily be unique for every local area page.

Hope that helps!” (Andrew Allen)

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