Another week has passed at Hike and we have pushed even more new features to the platform! Below is an update on the new functionality;

Competitor Backlinks

One of our most loved features within the platform is the ability for you to get detailed information on your competitors including keywords they rank for, estimated traffic volumes and their content pieces. Well we have added another string to our competition bow and now will show their backlinks.

You can now see the competitors backlinks, with the same information that you see in your backlink reporting. This is another featured that has been released as part of our large backlink functionality overhaul. Keep your eyes peeled for future updates.

Detailed Page Audit Information

The core part of our platform is our actions engine, which has already served over 1 million recommendations for our users. But at times you might want to know what you have done correctly on a page and not just what is incorrect. Well now you can find out easily;

Next to the URL above each action group you will see a clipboard, this clipboard will show you what we have checked on said page;

This checklist will list a number of the checks we perform for a page, please note this is not every check we make on the page and website as a whole but gives you a better overview of what we have looked at.

“But what if I want to check a page that isn’t listed on your actions page” I hear you ask. Well, you can do that following the below steps;

1.Click on the “settings button” at the top right of the actions page and you are taken to the Actions Settings page as below;

2. Click on “View Pages picked up in the last crawl” at the bottom of the page.

3. This will take you to the full list of pages that have been picked up by our crawler. The list includes the page url, the response code that was returned and will show the clipboard icon which you can click on to see that pages checks.

That’s it for this week, we hope you like the changes we have made and have a lot in store for the coming weeks so make sure you check back to the blog regularly.

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