We have been working tirelessly over the last few weeks to bring continual improvements to the Hike platform and we have again in the form of our new sitemap builder.

We listened to your feedback on the old sitemap tool, some of your key issues were;

– It is tough to navigate when you have a high number of pages

– The two scrolling sections were sometimes a little confusing

– The drag and drop functionality was frustrating to use with lots of pages

So with the above in mind, we decided to rebuild the sitemap builder to make it easier and more intuitive to use. Here are the changes we have made;

New page layout

We have changed the layout of the page to give you more room to work, this includes removing the keywords from the left-hand side of the page and making the page list the full width of the page.

Drag and drop is no more…

Initially, we loved this idea but the practicality of this wasn’t as good as we had hoped and because of that, we have removed the drag and drop.

You can still add keywords to this page by clicking on the add keyword button located on the page you want to add the keyword to.

More keyword information to allow for better decisions

One of the key features that were requested was to bring the keyword priority into the page to help allow people to make a decision as to which keyword to prioritise.

You spoke, we listened!

No more duplicate pages

We know how annoying it is when working with a large website you can sometimes forget which pages you have added and which are still left to add. We will now flag when a page has already been added to your sitemap to stop with duplication.

Site crawl pages are now in onboarding*

One feature that people loved was the ability to be able to select pages from the crawl data we have grabbed for the website.

However, this option was not present when completing the onboarding process as we didn’t have this information (to cut a long story short this was because it used to take longer to crawl your website, but we’ve speeded up!).

*This data will be present if we have crawled your website by the time you get to this page. It currently takes around 5 minutes to crawl your website, this can be longer at times of high load on our server. 

Filter your pages

Another feature we have added for those of you with large websites is the ability to filter page by URL. This real-time filter will allow you to quickly find the page you are looking for.

Slimline view

Again for when you are working with large websites, you can now see a slimline version of the sitemap page, showing you only the most important information for each page.

We hope you like the changes, as always if you have any questions don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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