Matthew Dorrington

Founder of Blue Moxie

As business owners, we all have a lot on our plate, and training new staff is one of the most considerable pains.

In this blog post, I will share how Hike SEO’s Academy is a valuable tool to use as an SEO specialist.

But please don’t stop reading there! In this post, I will be sharing a few tips and tricks that have helped me to become more successful in my role whilst also training my team in SEO.

Why do I use Hike SEO?

Firstly, let me introduce myself. My name is Matthew Dorrington and I have been working in SEO for the past ten years.

Throughout these years, I have worked within agencies on a variety of projects from McDonald’s to Chelsea Football Club.

For the past 6 years, I have been running my own agency called Blue Moxie in Maidstone, Kent. With the most experienced SEO specialists in the team, it means when it comes to training staff, I always have to step up!

How we use the Hike SEO platform to serve clients

I first found Hike SEO when seeking a tool to use alongside SE ranking (the tool we used in the early days to follow keyword rankings). Hike has since developed into an everyday necessity!

It is very useful in covering various SEO fundamentals, including:

  1. Identify core issues such as meta descriptions and title tags.
  2. Having an easily accessible list of content for my copywriters to access and implement.
  3. Staying on top of Google My Business – something that often gets ignored once it has been set up without Hike SEO’s prompts.
  4. PR – this used to be a more manual task before Hike SEO changed our lives.

Training our team with the Hike SEO Academy

The Hike SEO Academy is one of my all-time favorite uses for the platform. It is a superb resource!

We often use the Academy with our new starters to run them through the SEO basics.

Andrew and the team have a very straightforward way of explaining what complex jobs to a novice are. This easy-to-follow approach helps us grow our SEO apprentices into some of the experts we have in the team today.

Let’s break down some of the elements we love.

Video courses

I have often found that reading about SEO can be confusing and tiring.

Instead, Hike SEO’s video courses not only showcase how to best utilize the platform, but also detail the importance of completing the specific actions. This allows my apprentices to develop a more in-depth understanding of SEO itself.

I feel it is a very useful tool in explaining the process of SEO from start to finish, and with each video being under ten minutes long it is so easy for new starters to gain some key knowledge.

Quiz time

There is a test, at the end of each video so this shows our apprentices have understood or need more help. We then work through this 1-2-1 with me.

It helps me see how much they have learned and if there are any gaps in their knowledge. Hike SEO has become a staple for our team. It is not only useful but also great fun to use!

Other resources to use alongside Hike SEO

Hike SEO is not the be-all and end-all, but it is one of our many advantageous tools. I encourage my team to spend the first half of every money morning reading through Google Developers search central new articles and updates.

This tool comes together with Hike SEO, allowing you to see how it all fits in the bigger picture along with your knowledge as an SEO.

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