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Andrew Allen

Director at Hike

Andrew Allen

We’re a big fan of our customers. Not only do they help us to constantly improve the platform through their feedback, but many go on to tell their friends and colleagues about the platform and then they sign-up!

We love the fact that our customers refer others to the platform. In fact, referrals are a big part of our growth.

We want to promote referrals as much as possible, and more importantly, we want to say thanks (properly) for anyone who does.

So what are we going to do about it?

We’ve just launched Hike’s brand new affiliate programme, so you can start making the money you deserve when you send someone our way.

How much commission do I get?

It’s pretty good if we do say so ourselves! You’ll get an ongoing 20% commission kickback for every new sign up you refer. And the commission lasts as long as they’re a customer!

How easy is it?

It couldn’t be more simple. Once you create your account you’ll be given an affiliate link.

Simply send this link to any referrals and make sure they sign up using that link. You’ll then get the commission.

How do I get started?

Want to join? It’s completely free to do so.

Simply go to https://affiliate.hikeseo.co/ and set-up your account, which will give you your own personal affiliate link that you can give to your referrals.

You’ll also have your own dashboard where you can log in and keep track of how referrals you’ve made and how much commission you’re owed!

Head over to https://affiliate.hikeseo.co/ to get started!

Any questions? Give us a shout either by email (support@hikeseo.co) or over on our Facebook group!

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