Andrew Allen

Hike co-founder

Andrew Allen

Hey Hikers! Hot off the heels of last month’s upgrade to the keyword research feature, we’ve gone and made another HUGE update… you can now customize the dashboard so you can see all your key information at a glance! Find out more below:

New! Customizable SEO Dashboard 🤓

You can now customize the dashboard so you can see all your key information in an instant.

All of your key data is available as a widget; from keyword performance to traffic, Google My Business stats, backlinks and more!

We recorded a webinar that runs through this new feature and exactly what you can do with it. Check out the webinar recording.

Improve your SEO with the Hike team 👫

Finally, have you spotted our new video series called “The Diary of an SEO” on our Facebook groups?

Every week we’re posting videos that teach you how to get the most value from Hike through it’s different features, and what new SEO actions you can complete.

For example, why not watch this video by our brilliant Sophie that teaches you how to perform a page speed audit on any website.

That’s all for now, have a great day everyone!

Andy, Hike Co-founder

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