Andrew Allen


Andrew Allen

Last week we recorded our 7th AMA (Ask Me Anything) video over on Facebook!

Although we may look like we’ve been doing this for many years (?) we still make lot’s of mistakes, and this week was no exception. We had to record this video twice due to an unforeseen human error (Kieran…).

Again we answer 4 questions that our Facebook group members asked, which were:

  • What is a ‘silo’? What is silo structuring for SEO, and how/when do you implement it?
  • How to rank your website on page 1 of Google in 90 days (Spoiler alert – it may not be possible!)
  • Sub-domain vs sub-folder; which should I choose for my blog?
  • What are the most common SEO mistakes that we see from SME’s and startups

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