Andrew Allen


Andrew Allen

Have you played with the idea of introducing SEO as a service you offer clients? Read on to see how Hike can help make this a reality…

SEO has become a vital ingredient within the digital marketing mix. Alongside paid, social, web design & development, SEO is a key channel for driving new and returning customers.

In fact, a recent study showed that SEO drives 51% of all website traffic. Take a peak in most businesses analytics and you’ll see that SEO is the top driver of traffic.

But SEO is tricky. Sure, it doesn’t take a PHD to learn but there’s a lot to it. Let’s name just some of the areas you need to be aware of; keyword optimisation, technical SEO, link building, indexability, cannibalisation, local SEO, NAP, redirects, e-commerce SEO, HTTPS… the list goes on and on.

No wonder there are agencies who don’t want to offer SEO to their clients, despite the positives it brings.

But there’s a solution! And it’s called Hike. Hike allows you to provide SEO to your clients without having to become an overnight expert. In fact, it makes you an overnight expert!

If your business has clients that trust you and can make the link between what you already do and SEO, then Hike is a perfect platform to help you launch, maintain and grow your SEO income.” (James Eades, MD of Systemagic)

In this post, I’m going to detail how offering SEO is going to help your agency with the following:

  1. Creating a new revenue stream
  2. Providing upsell opportunities
  3. Supporting client retention
  4. Adding credibility to your brand

SEO is a New Revenue Stream

This one is simple. SEO is a new service you can sell to customers. What’s even better is that it naturally lends itself to a retainer model; SEO takes time and doesn’t happen overnight. Timescales for SEO can range from 3 months to 12+ months.

SEO Provides an Upsell Opportunity

SEO is a great compliment to your existing services. See below just three scenarios in how this could work…

Do you offer web design? Then why build a site if you’re not going to drive traffic to it? Offer your clients SEO.

Do you offer paid marketing? Then you need to offer a long-term organic solution that will help your client to reduce their spend over time. Offer your clients SEO.

Do you offer social media services? Then minimise the risk of a social media algorithm affecting your hard work by ensuring your clients generate traffic and sales via other means. Offer your clients SEO.

My company was paying hundreds of dollars a month on bloated software, using only 10% of the features (if that). With Hike, anyone in my company can manage an SEO campaign with minimal supervision, saving me at least 2 hours a month per account and thousands in software fees.

Pete Polgar, Glenmont Consulting

SEO Supports Your Client Retention

Have you ever lost a client because you could not provide a service that one of your competitors could? You may be incredible at web design, but if your competitor offers web design and SEO then your client might jump ship.

Clients these days prefer dealing with a single point of contact when it comes to their marketing. Make sure you’re that one point of contact by adding SEO to your list of services.

SEO Adds Credibility

SEO has a reputation for being a technical discipline that requires high levels of skill. It’s also acknowledged as incredibly valuable due to the growing power of search engines.

Offering SEO adds credibility to new and existing customers. Combine that with offering them your own SEO platform that they can log in to (via Hike’s white-label feature), and you’re going to leave a lasting impression.

Use Hike to Offer SEO

Hike currently helps hundreds of agencies to start offering SEO to their clients.

How? Well, we built Hike to help anyone do SEO. It guides you through creating and executing a crafted and bespoke SEO strategy for any website.

But on top of this, we also have some exciting agency features, such as:

White Label

Add your own branding to the Hike platform and give your clients access. Impress them with the technology, create more upsell opportunities and reduce account management.

“Do it For You”

Love the idea of delivering SEO for your clients, but don’t have the time? Then you can request the Hike team to complete your clients SEO actions for you. With extremely competitive rates, it leaves lots of room for your own margin.


We’re passionate about helping agencies to grow their business via SEO. We’ll do everything we can to help, including support and expertise, as well even providing you with sales material to make the job of selling SEO even easier!

Get in Touch to See How Hike Can Help

If you want to find out more about Hike’s agency product then simply head over to our website, or book a demo with one of the team here and we’ll show you exactly how it can work for you.

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