Andrew Allen

Hike co-founder

Andrew Allen

Hello there πŸ‘‹ My name’s Andy and I’m one of Hike’s co-founders. Here at Hike we send out monthly emails to our customers running through what improvements we’ve made to both the platform and our service to customers.

Moving forwards we’re going to start posting these on our blog too, so everyone – even those who aren’t yet a Hike customer! – can see what we’re doing, every month, to improve the platform. Without further ado…

Hey Hikers! It’s finally time for me to share with you our 3 BIG announcements for July. We’re really excited to tell you about these. Especially the first one, as we’ve been sitting on it for such a long time now! Are you ready to know what they all are? Ok, let’s go.

Say Hello to Your New Team Member πŸ‘‹

Let me welcome you to your new team member – the Content Wizard πŸ§™β€β™‚οΈ
Confused? You probably are, so watch the video above to learn more.

July Summer Sale πŸ€‘

For the month of July we’re running a sale for any extra websites you add to the platform. Be quick as these prices will only be available until the end of the month. As always, any websites you add will remain at this discounted price for their lifetime in Hike.

New ‘Done-With-You’ Plan  πŸ’

And finally, I’d like to tell you about our brand-new product; ‘Done-with-You’ SEO. This is brand-new and we’re launching it only to existing customers for the moment.

Do you run out of time to do your SEO? Do you need help with SEO but don’t want to give away full control? Do you want monthly support, but only with certain actions?

If any of those resonate with you, then you need Hike’s ‘Done-with-You’ plan. 

For only $130/Β£100 per month, we’ll work with you on your SEO every month.

We’ll support with strategy, content, onsite, GMB, local, backlinks, check-in phone calls – the list goes on.

Heck, we’ll even DO your SEO if you don’t have time. Want to find out more? Reply back to this email and we’ll arrange a call πŸ“ž

Book a call to find out more here.

Right, that’s it for now. Hope you found these three new announcements useful. We’ve got even more exciting announcements coming over the next few months so keep your eyes peeled πŸ‘€

Andy, Hike Co-founder

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