An interview with Alice Widger

We speak to Alice Widger, founder at Milk It Digital, about her use of the Hike platform and the Hike white-label features.

How many customers has Hike helped you to acquire?

“My four main retainer clients, I onboarded when I joined Hike. And having my own SEO platform has been fantastic for networking, these tend to be associated with large, expensive agencies, so being able to offer it as a sole trader has been amazing for my business and clients.”

What has Hike done for your revenue?

“It’s transformed it. Last year I barely made in twelve months what I’ve made in three months with Hike. It’s massively scaled my business, what I can offer and how I look after my clients so they feel valued and in the loop. Best of all, I’m not even working part-time hours, so I can still have quality time with my young children and easily scale my business once they are older. Basically, it’s how life should be, for everyone.”

How do you use Hike to help you deliver SEO?

“It’s hugely streamlined my services. Before I was using a few different SEO platforms to work on accounts, which was time-consuming and not very efficient. Hike meant everything was in one place and cut out switching around platforms trying to create the perfect mix.”

How do you use the white-label features for your SEO offering?

“All my retainer clients get access to the Milk It Hub, which is my ‘own’ SEO platform. They love the visibility that it offers and that they can see what’s going on at any given time. The free SEO audit is a great lead generator too, and I’ve had nothing but compliments on how great it is and the level of detail it gives.”

What impact has Hike had to your agency?

“Hike has enabled me to really level up as a sole trader, and offer something a bit different to my competitors. It gives a greater degree of professionalism and visibility to the work I am doing. As a business, I only focus on SEO as a service, so the ability to have my own SEO platform that I can then pass onto my clients has been a winning factor. It’s also affordable, the monthly fees aren’t unattainable for startups, and level up as you grow.”

How do you use Hike to help you deliver SEO?

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