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You've built your agency with determination and skill. But as long as you can't deliver SEO, you're missing opportunities to grow your revenue and beat your competition. See how Hike can help your business...

Win new business

Are you turning away business because you can't deliver SEO? With Hike, any agency can start offering and delivering SEO to clients. No SEO experience needed.

No need to hire an SEO

Hiring an SEO for your agency can be expensive, as good SEO's demand a high wage. Hike removes the need for you to hire to start delivering SEO for your clients.

White-label functionality

Make the platform your own with white-label functionality. Remove Hike branding, add you own logo and live chat, and give your clients access to 'your' tool.

Retain & grow existing clients

To succeed as an agency nowadays you need to offer all digital marketing services. If you don't, your competition will steal your clients. Stop turning down SEO work, and start delivering it today.

One of our latest agency testimonials

James Eades

“If your business has clients that trust you and can make the link between what you already do and SEO, then Hike is a perfect platform to help you launch, maintain and grown your SEO income.” (James Eades, MD of Systemagic)

Key agency features

The powerful technology within our platform will help you build and deliver effective SEO strategies for your clients, without having to learn SEO first.

Build, implement & track

Hike’s powerful DIY platform guides you through the 3 core elements of any SEO campaign. It builds an SEO strategy for your clients' website, helps you to implement this strategy with easy-to-follow guides, and tracks their performance so you can report back on the improvements.

hike actions

Whitelabel solution

Remove all Hike branding and make the platform your own. Add your own logo, create a custom domain, add live chat and create unlimited users.

Your customers will never know it's not your platform (unless you want to tell them, that is!).

add your logo here

Delivery service

Not enough time this month to complete all of your client's SEO actions that Hike has highlighted? If you need help with any task - content creation, on-site changes, local SEO and more - you can ask the Hike team to help. No long term contracts, we'll do what you need and when.

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Expert support included

Once you've signed up we'll arrange your 30-minute SEO setup call with one of our founders. With over 15 years of SEO experience, they will provide expert feedback on your clients SEO and how to get the most out of Hike.

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See Hike for yourself

We'd love to personally show you exactly how Hike works, and tell you how agencies are utilising the platform for their own clients.

How to sell and deliver SEO.

Here at Hike we’ve created a resource for agencies who want to start delivering SEO. We’re creating content and guides that will help cover all areas of SEO client management; have a read of our latest guides below…

What goes into an SEO campaign?

Just starting to sell SEO to customers? You might want to know what deliverables are included within a regular SEO campaign.

How much should I charge for SEO?

Are you an agency that wants to start providing SEO for your customers? Then you need to know how much to charge.

How long does it take to rank for my keywords?

SEO is a long-term game, but there are short-term wins to be had when it comes to choosing keywords. We explain more.

Read more

Find more great content on our Help Centre.

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