Merrick Fuller

MR Cricket Hockey (Ecommerce Website)

“Before Hike, SEO seemed to be a black hole where you would give someone money and not really know what they would be doing for it!”

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Mat Baxter

Streamwork Marketing (Digital Agency)

“Hike SEO has been the one single tool that has brought in the most amount of new work opportunities, increased monthly revenue and continued to support and grow our agency.”

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Anthony LLewellyn

AdvanceMed (Small Business Website)

“When customers contact me – and there’s been more contacting me now – they’re saying a Google search lead them to my website which is what you want to hear!”

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James Eades

Systemagic (Digital Agency)

“Hike is a perfect platform to help you launch, maintain and grow your SEO income.”

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Rachel Richards

The Wearer (Ecommerce Website)

“For any small business with limited time and budget you can still see results quickly with limited SEO knowledge. I don’t see a better way.”

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Matt Archer-Davis

The Bright Click (Digital Agency)

“After just two months of using Hike, we’ve already seen a number of our clients now ranking for key phrases.”

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Bill Gidda

EyeMedia Studios (Small Business Website)

“Even though I am efficient at SEO, HIKE makes it so easy, which allows me to spend more time on running my business.”

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