Looking for an Alternative to Ubersuggest?

Find out why Hike SEO is the perfect alternative to Ubersuggest when it comes to beginners and small business owners, or agencies that serve small businesses.

Hike vs. Ubersuggest Overall

Ubersuggest is a keyword research tool among many other SEO tools owned by Neil Patel, that allows content creators to discover keywords to create content around that will have high SEO potential. It is aimed at intermediate-level users who already know how to do keyword research, but don’t want to sign up to an advanced platform like Ahrefs or SEMRush.

Hike SEO is a comprehensive platform featuring a suite of SEO tools, carefully designed with beginners in mind. It offers an intuitive interface that is easy to grasp and can be quickly mastered, even by those without prior SEO experience. Small businesses, often lacking SEO expertise and the financial resources to hire dedicated SEO professionals, greatly benefit from user-friendly tools. Such tools are essential, allowing them to efficiently manage their limited weekly time.

Now, let's delve into a comparative analysis of Ubersuggest and Hike, specifically considering their user-friendliness for beginners.

User Interface (UI) and Navigation

Ubersuggest is refreshingly simple in its design, and it’s easy to see that it’s been designed so that even those with little SEO experience can find their way around quite quickly. At the top, there are only 3 fields to fill in: the keyword field, language, and location. Then once the data loads, there’s an overview panel that shows the search volume, SEO difficulty, paid difficulty, and cost per click (CPC) data. Below the panel are various charts and tables that cover historic search volume, keyword ideas, and content ideas. They provide just enough information, but not too much to overwhelm.

In Hike, the user interface and navigation have been deliberately crafted to be user-friendly and streamlined, ensuring that even beginners can easily find their way, follow a clear sequence of steps, and avoid any confusion. The menu is deliberately uncluttered, featuring only a select few options, all organized in a logical sequence. For instance, the Dashboard menu precedes the Strategy item, with Keyword Research taking the lead in the dropdown menu. This thoughtful arrangement aligns seamlessly with the initial SEO step, which involves identifying pertinent keywords for your website and industry.

Hike further streamlines the user experience by presenting only the most vital SEO data, facilitating straightforward decision-making when it comes to selecting the optimal keywords.

"I have only been with Hike SEO for a few weeks. I find their analysis of my website very thorough . They respond to enquiries and are very helpful."

Johan MacIver

Source: Google Reviews

Onboarding and Tutorials

In Ubersuggest, there is no required onboarding process as it’s simply a keyword research tool to analyze non-site-specific data. This makes it quicker to get started with, but keeping in mind that it’s a single tool within a collection of other tools.

In terms of tutorials and guidance on how to use the platform, Ubersuggest has a dedicated knowledge base for its tool that covers various questions and topics that a customer might have about the platform and how to use it. Many of the answers have helpful screenshots and information to guide the user to a helpful solution.

Hike streamlines the onboarding process to ensure that beginners can swiftly kickstart their journey with the tool. With just a few straightforward steps, including selecting your business industry, entering your website URL, and providing a few additional details, small businesses can set up and start using Hike within minutes.

Hike also has a knowledge base with an ever-expanding list of questions and topics, however, it takes it even further by providing an academy with quite a few modules. However, it doesn't stop there. Hike provides an academy with numerous modules and instructional videos covering various aspects of SEO and how the platform can contribute to achieving SEO results.

In addition to this, Hike features the "Learn SEO" hub, where beginners can explore a growing library of articles that demystify the intricacies of SEO. Many of these articles are complemented by accompanying videos, all conveniently accessible on Hike's YouTube channel. Within these articles, you'll also find Hike Tutorial videos, which illustrate how different SEO elements can be effectively implemented using Hike's tools. In summary, Hike offers a wealth of beginner-friendly resources, empowering small businesses to seize control of their SEO endeavors from the very beginning.

It's worth noting that Hike enhances user guidance by incorporating tooltips that appear when you hover over specific tool functions. These tooltips provide quick reminders about the purpose and utility of each function, accelerating the learning process.

Keyword Research

Because Ubersuggest is a keyword research tool, it should have a comprehensive feature offering that will be useful to both beginners and professionals.

Having a quick dive into the tool, it’s easy to see that Ubersuggest is built for keyword research. With its super sleek interface highlighting just enough information to be useful but not overwhelming, it provides the user with the keyword data they need to make informed decisions.

The main metrics you’d expect to see are listed, such as related keywords, search volume, and difficulty score, along with additional ones such as CPC and paid difficulty. In addition, the user can view content ideas that relate to the keyword searched and are doing well in the SERPs, for inspiration.

Within Hike, the keyword research tool is remarkably user-friendly and focuses solely on delivering essential data for beginners, including search volume and difficulty scores. What further enhances Hike's appeal to newcomers is its integration with Chat-GPT4, which suggests initial keywords based on your specific industry. This feature significantly streamlines the keyword selection process, saving small business users valuable time and effort in brainstorming starting keywords.

As you scroll through the list of generated keywords, you can easily curate a selection of target keywords by simply clicking on the "[ + ]" button located to the right of each term. These shortlisted keywords then progress to the next step of the process, where you can evaluate your selections with the assistance of helpful A.I. prompts. These prompts guide you in determining whether a given keyword is suitable for your business or not.

In summary, Hike offers a simplified and efficient approach to conducting keyword research, enabling small business users to effortlessly discover the most optimal keywords for their website pages.

On-Page Optimization

As Ubersuggest is a keyword research tool, it doesn’t have the capabilities to do on-page optimization. That’s where Hike would come in.

Hike's Action Engine is thoughtfully tailored to cater to beginners. Following a thorough scan of your website, Hike identifies areas that require attention or fixing and presents them as actionable tasks within the "Actions" menu. These actions can be conveniently organized based on priority or type, allowing users to navigate through them according to their preferences.

Each action in Hike provides users with valuable information, including an estimated time required for completion, a detailed description of what needs to be done, the significance of the task, and step-by-step guidance on how to execute it independently. This feature is particularly useful for small business users with limited available time, enabling them to methodically address these actions and begin making a positive impact on their SEO efforts.

"The tool simplifies complex SEO tasks, making it easy to optimize websites for better rankings. Highly recommend Hike SEO for anyone looking to boost their website's visibility."

Tyler Ofori

Source: Google Reviews

Content Recommendations

Ubersuggest has the “Content Ideas” section when a keyword is entered into its search. This useful section lists the top-performing pages that also target or are ranking well for this topic. Data such as page title, URL, estimated visits (traffic), backlinks, Facebook shares, Pinterest links, and Reddit posts help gauge the popularity of that content piece.

In Hike, you'll find the "Keyword Sitemap" tool, which streamlines the process of mapping keywords with existing pages on your website. What sets this tool apart as beginner-friendly is its ability to assess the keywords on the page and provide feedback on their suitability for that page, based on available data.

Additionally, Hike offers a "Content Strategy" tool that suggests topics to create content around, leveraging the keywords previously shortlisted and selected. This cohesive approach simplifies the entire process, guiding beginners to the next logical steps while eliminating the need for extensive brainstorming.

Once a topic is added to the "Scrapboard," Hike users can effortlessly generate a draft of their content with the help of the Content Wizard. This tool utilizes Chat-GPT4 to expertly craft an initial version of a blog article using selected keywords. This feature significantly lightens the workload for beginners, leaving them with the task of refining the content to align with their brand and incorporate any additional information they desire. The result? A search engine-optimized content piece ready for publication!

Competitor Analysis

Because Ubersuggest is built as a keyword research tool, it’s mostly designed for this one purpose, however, the “Content Ideas” section can be used in a way to see what type of content competitors are creating that are doing well. It doesn’t replace a proper competitor analysis process or tool, but it gives a hint as to which competitors are doing well in terms of specific content.

In Hike, the Competition Analysis tool empowers you to add competitors and conduct a comprehensive comparison among them, utilizing various metrics such as keyword rankings and backlink profiles. The user-friendly interface facilitates a quick view of the table, allowing you to identify competitors with potential advantages and assess their authority.

On the main page of this tool, Hike provides a detailed list of the keywords for which a selected keyword is currently ranking. Additionally, it offers an inventory of the existing backlinks and a historical overview of rankings and backlinks over time.

Hike's tool is remarkably straightforward, offering fast insights into the strategies employed by your competitors that could prove useful for your own website, particularly in terms of content and backlink strategies.

Backlink Analysis

Although not within the Ubersuggest keyword research tool directly, the Ubersuggest platform does include a Backlink Discovery Tool to find the backlinks your competitors have built, see what websites are sending links to your competitors, and track your competitors’ link-building efforts over time. The Backlink Opportunity report allows you to see who links to your competitors and who doesn't link to you. In other words, it shows you the gaps in backlinks that should be filled to get to the same level as your competitors.

Within Hike, you'll find a singular page dedicated to viewing your backlinks, known as the "Your Backlinks" section. This section presents a comprehensive list of all the backlinks acquired by the user's website, along with their respective sources. The default sorting arranges them from the highest domain authority to the lowest, ensuring that the most high-quality backlinks are prominently displayed. Additionally, users have the flexibility to customize the filters, prioritizing the display of the most recent backlinks.

An extra feature that proves invaluable for beginners is the ability to track the historical domain authority over time. This feature provides insights into how the website's backlinking efforts have influenced its performance, offering a valuable perspective on the impact of its backlink strategy.

"I'm really impressed with The Hike platform. I run a small digital marketing agency and its making managing my client's SEO so much simpler."

Holly Stuart

Source: Google Reviews

Local SEO

Ubersuggest doesn’t have Local SEO features, so this is where Hike SEO will offer something more.

Hike significantly simplifies the process for small businesses by consolidating all the essential local tools needed to establish and maintain a strong local online presence within a single platform. The platform offers a total of seven local SEO tools that empower beginners to effortlessly optimize their business for local visibility.

These tools encompass the Local Listings Manager, Reviews & Posts (all for efficient management of Google Business Profile), Directories, Local Actions, Performance, and Local Google Maps Rankings. Each of these tools has been thoughtfully streamlined and simplified, ensuring that they are both intuitive and user-friendly, even for those new to the world of local SEO.

Reporting & Analysis

Ubersuggest has a rank-tracking tool that allows the user to track keyword rankings over time and see any fluctuations when changes have been made to the content or website. However, any other data, like actual traffic & website analytics is not available in this tool.

Hike simplifies the process for small businesses by seamlessly connecting to the user's Google Analytics and Google Search Console accounts, effortlessly importing their data into easily digestible dashboards. These dashboards provide clear insights into the website's current traffic and performance, alongside a keyword-tracking tool that monitors keyword performance.

What truly sets Hike apart as beginner-friendly is its Report Builder, an exciting feature that empowers users to construct custom reports. This can be achieved by utilizing pre-built widgets and adjusting the visual aesthetics to align with their brand. Users can also set the frequency at which they receive these reports. With all the necessary data conveniently accessible within Hike, these reports serve as regular updates on their SEO performance, enhancing their experience as they navigate the platform.


Ubersuggest has relatively competitive pricing in terms of other tools. It starts out with a £29 per month subscription for a single website, or £49 per month for 2-7 websites. For 8-15 websites the Enterprise plan at £99 per month is still good value. What’s great is they also offer a lifetime one-off price for each of the above packages, ranging from £290 to £990.

With Hike, the pricing is £49.99 per month, or if paid annually, it cuts the cost by 45%, effectively making the monthly cost £26.99. Considering the number of tools that Hike offers, this does give Ubersuggest a run for its money, making Hike the perfect price for small businesses and individuals who want everything in one place.

In Summary

Ubersuggest is a great tool if keyword research is all you need. Yes, it has a few additional features that go beyond just keywords, but ultimately, it doesn’t have all the tools that a small business owner will require for all their SEO needs.

This is why we recommend Hike because it not only includes a beginner-friendly keyword research tool, but it also comes with all of the other essential SEO features that should be in a fully comprehensive SEO platform.

That being said, if you haven’t yet signed up for Hike, give it a try today and explore the various tools and resources available to you.

Choose Hike for Your SEO. Designed for Beginners & Small Businesses in Mind.

Hike SEO is the perfect alternative to Ubersuggest when it comes to beginners and small business owners. Give it a try today!