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    We can work alongside your team—or without—to complete your monthly SEO actions using the Onsite Optimizer. From onsite to offsite, we can do anything needed to help grow your SEO traffic.

    • Merrick Fuller

      I cannot recommend Hike highly enough. The platform is great, it’s in a language that anyone can understand, and there is a clear path to what you want to achieve. Also, their support services have allowed us to focus on running the business whilst knowing our SEO is still being worked on.

      Merrick Fuller

      MR Cricket Hockey

    • Hike Do It For You Services are quite frankly, awesome. The team is always responsive, gets things done, and has a friendly attitude. It seems as though they truly enjoy helping people achieve their SEO goals. I will continue to use them in my business.

      Ben Dias


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    SEO Strategy.

    We’ll work with you to make sure your SEO strategy within Hike is perfect before we all start making SEO changes to your website. From finding the right keywords to the best link opportunities, we’ll make sure the platform has all the data it needs.

    • Matt Selbie

      I used Hike to analyze our website, the scope of which included technical issues as well as a host of minor to major challenges. These were prioritized for us to address. Hike reviewed current keyword use and then created a keyword, content, backlink and full SEO strategy. The review session with the Hike team team (via screen share) to walk us through the analysis and recommendations was comprehensive and thoughtful, and has formed the roadmap of SEO activity for us at Opiniator, with the Hike team helping too.

      Matt Selbie


    • Andy did a great job of getting us on the right track to make progress with his SEO strategy set up for our website. Having had a lot of tidying up to do across our site, Andy’s work and expertise put us on the right track to start implementing an SEO strategy using Hike and their team to support. I would highly recommend working with the Hike team.

      Simeon Bird

      Head of eCommerce, CHAOS Fashion


    Support & Training Call.

    Want to make sure you’re getting the most from your SEO? Want us to help train your team members? You can use your monthly resource for support calls and training whenever needed.

    • The SEO strategy call was extremely helpful before we got too deep into setting up our own account. It turns out, we had started down a path in two key areas that would’ve taken more work to undo, so the timeliness of the call answered lingering questions and gave us more clarity. Having already logged in and started the process on our own was crucial because we knew the exact questions to ask and the entire call became a review of what we had done, needed to fix, as well as pointing out key features we hadn’t yet explored.

      Jenn Lyles


    • I signed up for the Hike SEO package and worked through the initial suggestions on their portal. Although the instructions were clear as a novice in this area, I did have some queries. These were all resolved by Andy when we went through these during the SEO setup call. As a result, I am happy to recommend Hike to anyone seeking to implement and understand the dark arts of SEO.

      Michael Devine


    • Immediately upon signing up for Hike, I jumped on a brief call with Hike which really helped me learn the ropes quickly. Not only did they answer all of my questions, they noted my feedback on what would be helpful in future updates. There’s definitely a different relationship here than what you get with other agency services. Their team seems to truly want to help you and your clients succeed.

      Antonio Calabrese


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    Get started with our Software + Managed Support plan today. For only an extra $150/£120 per month, you’ll protect your SEO efforts by ensuring work is completed every month, with the Onsite Optimizer facilitating every update.

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