Hike vs. Semrush

Semrush is a fantastic marketing platform. It supports businesses across multiple marketing channels, but it’s their in-depth SEO feature set that impresses the most; it’s almost unparalleled in the SEO software space and is suitable for even the biggest and most complex websites. That’s why some of their customers include huge Fortune 500 websites.

However, if you run a small business website, do you need – or want – this level of SEO data? Does the average small business website need to analyse SEO down to the most granular detail in order to compete? Not really, no. If anything, this level of detail makes SEO harder to understand and implement for the average small business.

And that’s where Hike comes in. You’re not a Fortune 500 company (not yet, anyway) so you don’t need an SEO tool that’s made for them.

Let’s look at some of the key differences between Hike and Semrush in terms of price, features and approach.

  • Price

    There’s no denying that Semrush is far more expensive software for a small business.

    Their cheapest subscription starts at $119.95/month, and every extra user costs a whopping $45/month.

    Hike, meanwhile, costs only $59.99/month, with unlimited extra users for free!

    Of course, Semrush provides more data, so naturally, it should cost more. But the question is, does a small business need that level of data? We don’t think so.

“Hike is an excellent value SEO tool, especially for smaller sites with fewer (say, under 1000) pages. To replace it would require us purchasing probably four other tools to cover backlinks, keyword research, site crawling and content.”

Rory Armitage-Burns, Vice Reversa
Source:Google Reviews

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  • SEO Data

    Semrush provides a high and granular level of SEO data for you to dig through. Perfect for large enterprise websites and experienced SEO teams.

    Is this level of analysis overkill for a small business that targets local customers? Very likely.

    Hike provides only the data a small business needs to compete. The majority of our customers have 2-10 employees, and that’s exactly who we provide the perfect SEO software for.

Introducing Hike’s Action Engine

Large SEO agencies use Semrush effectively. They have lots of time to spend on SEO. But small businesses don’t have that luxury. Small businesses don’t have unlimited time to spend on their SEO. That’s why Hike optimizes your time for the greatest results. Tell Hike how much time you have and it tells you exactly what to do in that time, with detailed and easy to follow instructions on how to complete each step.

  • Support

    Semrush provides their customers with support across 3 main channels; live-chat, email and phone. Just like we do here at Hike.

    Where Hike differs is in our free onboarding support, ability to have 1-2-1 calls with our support teams. and additional fulfillment offerings.

    We know our customers aren’t experts in SEO, so it’s only natural that you might not know exactly how to set up your SEO properly at the beginning. That’s why, if you need it, we’ll record you a free SEO strategy video review.

    We also have a team of SEO experts in-house who you can speak to whenever you have an issue via a 1-2- phone call.

“The software is really user-friendly, great help videos & the friendly team are there to help. Got to be a 5-star service at a very reasonable price point.”

Stuart Williams, Ace Car Care
Source:Google Reviews

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  • Agencies

    One area where Hike really excels against Semrush are it’s features and support for small digital agencies.

    Hike has a wide range of agency-specific features to help you sell, deliver and retain SEO revenue. Such as full white-labelling, reporting and lead-generation features.

    And it’s our price point that really stands out vs Semrush. To enable white-label costs only an extra $25/month. Over at Semrush it costs a whopping $100/month extra!

Why over 4,500 small businesses like yours use Hike as an alternative to Semrush.

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