Meet Hike's co-founders

Hike has been founded by Andrew Allen & Kieran Headley. We’re two experienced SEO consultants (over 15+ years in the industry combined) who came together to create a platform to help small businesses reduce their spend and drive more customers.

Andrew Allen – “I’ve been in SEO for 7 years and have helped a HUGE variety of clients, from one-man-bands to international e-commerce retailers. I love teaching people how they can drive more customers and leads through organic search. Being a startup ourselves we know how important this is for new businesses.”

Kieran Headley – “I’m the technical co-founder of Hike, and I’ve lead the build of the platform. I’ve been doing SEO for over 7 years, having worked for clients either at an agency, or freelance. Helping startups & small businesses is fantastic as their products are often unique, and I’m super excited to show them how to use this to their advantage.”

Hike vs other SEO tools

There are many other SEO software tools in the market, but none are tailored to startups & small businesses as they all assume one thing... that you understand SEO already!

They give you data, but do you know what to do with it? Likely not as you’re probably not an SEO expert!

This is exactly why we built Hike; it’s an instructive-based solution that guides you through what to do and why.

Think of Hike as you’re personal SEO consultant that will guide you to the top of Google.

Plus, you'll receive a 30-minute SEO set-up call with one of Hike's founders to review your account and provide an extra level of expertise to your SEO strategy.

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SEO Lessons From 50+ Website Audits

We recently recorded a webinar that highlights our top SEO tips & tricks for startups and small businesses. Watch it below!

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