Hike was founded by Andrew Allen & Kieran Headley, two experienced SEO’s who came together to create a platform to help small businesses get started in SEO. We’re growing the team to make sure we provide the very best product and service to our users.

  • Over a decades experience in SEO supporting a variety of businesses from huge brands, such as Sony and Barclaycard, to small one-man-bands across the world. I love teaching people how they can drive more customers and leads through organic search. Being a startup ourselves we know how important this is for new businesses.
    Andy Allen
  • I’m the technical co-founder of Hike, and I’ve led the build of the platform. I’ve been doing SEO for over 9 years, having worked for clients either at an agency, or freelance. Helping startups & small businesses is fantastic as their products are often unique, and I’m super excited to show them how to use this to their advantage.
    Kieran Headley
  • I'm Jim, Chair at Hike SEO. I've guided martech and adtech businesses to success across numerous channels, including directing Experian's global marketing services during a significant growth phase. Recently, I led ContentCal to an exit with Adobe and Visual DNA to an acquisition by Nielsen.
    Jim Hodgkins
  • I qualified as a Chartered Accountant almost 30 years ago and for the last 20 years I’ve worked as a CFO across many different businesses, but my particular passion has been businesses supplying Ed Tech. I like the technology space and working with SME’s to help them through the trials and tribulations of growing a profitable business. I am excited to join the Hike Team at this pivotal time.
    Deborah Jones
  • I’m the Senior Digital Marketing Executive at Hike and have experience in both project management and copy writing. After completing my degree in Marketing at NTU, I found my passion for the digital world and am excited to learn more about SEO as well as supporting our customers to succeed.
    Ellie Seal
    SEO Delivery Manager
  • With years of experience in customer service, I am dedicated to fostering long-term customer relationships and providing exceptional support every step of the way. My key aim is to empower clients to reach their goals and surpass their expectations.
    Georgia Thompson
    Customer Success Manager
  • I enjoy working with clients, helping them boost their Google rankings through organic search. I'm always eager to learn and grow in the exciting world of SEO while ensuring our customers achieve their goals!
    Harin Maisuria
    Digital Marketing Exec
  • Starting as an SEO newcomer, I've since grown and honed my development skills through continuous learning and hands-on experience. Now a seasoned Hike family member, I contribute to a whole host of new features, leveraging my past experiences to add value. I'm eager to continue my journey at Hike!
    Dan Breakwell
    Software Developer
  • I'm Digital marketing Lead at Hike. Having worked for the company for the past few years, I have developed my SEO knowledge to the point where I can lead a team! From managing many SEO campaigns through the platform, I have seen how SEO can truly impact businesses. I am excited to continue making a real impact in this industry.
    Sophie Franklin
    Digital Marketing Lead
  • After graduating from the University of Lincoln, I’ve settled quickly into the world of Digital Marketing and SEO. Being at Hike has helped me understand how important SEO is, and I am thoroughly enjoying getting stuck into it, supporting our customers and learning more every day.
    Dan Masters
    Marketing Account Manager
  • Last year, I began my SEO journey with Hike. As a Junior Customer Success Executive, my goal is to help you get the results you want - helping you move your website up the rankings in Google! Having learnt SEO from scratch using Hike, I’m in a good position to help clients get the most value out of the platform possible.
    Eve Crawford
    Junior Customer Success Exec
  • I enjoy connecting with customers and helping people get the most out of the platform. Having spent several years working face-to-face with customers, I've developed a knack for understanding their needs and providing solutions. Here at Hike, I aim to help build a great customer journey!
    Matt Perry
    Customer Success Exec
  • With over 15 years’ experience in finance and administration, I have primarily worked within the education sector, supporting companies that provide software solutions to schools. Joining Hike represents an exciting change for me, as I bring my expertise to a new industry and start a new chapter in my career.
    Karen Brown
    Finance Administrator
  • I’ve been in the SEO & digital marketing industry since 2012 and have worked with clients across various industries and sizes through both agency, in-house, and freelance capacities. Bringing my extensive experience and creative problem solving skills to Hike, I look forward to bringing innovative breakthroughs that will empower small business owners in their SEO efforts & results.
    Gabriel Both
    SEO Manager
  • I have 13+ years of professional experience as a Graphic Designer, specializing in UX, marketing, and sales for SaaS platforms in mobile payment, gaming, and talent management industries. I'm eager to contribute my expertise to Hike by improving platform usability, enhancing branding and visuals, to help optimize SEO for businesses and professionals alike.
    Craig Bryant
    UI/UX Designer
  • With 6 years of experience in partnerships, I have collaborated extensively with SMEs across SaaS, Ecommerce, and Tech sectors, including both startup and scale-up businesses. Understanding the importance and challenges of SEO, I am passionate about driving growth for all sized businesses. My focus is on making SEO accessible for SMEs through strategic relationships with varied partners who share Hike’s target client base.
    Megan Youde
    Partnerships Manager
  • With a decade of experience in Customer Success on both the in-house and agency sides, I believe it’s safe to say I have excelled in establishing and nurturing strong client relationships. My top priority is ensuring our North American clients get the support they need and that our SEO community has access to all the educational resources they could want for their Hike journey.
    Louisa Carroll
    NA Customer Success Lead
  • With six years of Customer Operations experience at various tech start ups, I’m really excited to join my SEO journey with Hike as a Customer Success Executive! Primarily, I’ll be focused on improving our support function, and ensuring that we’re offering the best customer service we can day to day.
    Alice Rayner
    Customer Success Executive
  • I’m a Marketing Account Manager at Hike. I collaborate closely with clients to assist them in boosting their organic traffic and Google rankings to ensure they meet their SEO goals. I strive to help make clients’ time on the platform as easy as possible by providing guidance on how to use Hike and extract the most value from it.
    Dan Charles
    Marketing Account Manager
  • Rose Javier
    Customer Success Executive
  • Ross Cooper
    Senior Software Developer