Go from SEO beginner to SEO pro with our easy-to-follow courses.

The Hike SEO Academy is your one-stop-shop to learn SEO. From understanding the foundations of technical SEO, to how to audit and build backlinks, the Academy will give you the knowledge you need to become an SEO pro.

  • Video-led Courses

    You just can’t learn as quickly with blogs and guides as you can with video! That’s why the Hike SEO Academy is completely video-based.

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  • Quizzes & Actions

    We know our customers learn by doing, not by reading. It’s why we built Hike, and it’s why the SEO Academy is super focused on doing.

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  • Free For All Hike Users

    The Hike SEO Academy is included for all Hike customers, absolutely no extra fees. We want all of our customers to improve their knowledge and understanding of SEO.

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  • Hike platform + Hike Academy = everything covered

    SEO isn’t complicated, but it is complex. Why? Because there are a lot of factors that impact how your website ranks. But, taken individually, they’re not complicated and anyone can be easily trained to understand them.

    That’s exactly what the course does; breaks SEO down into bite-sized, easy-to-understand chunks. Then, using the Hike platform you can implement these changes to your website.

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