Who are The Wearer?

The Weareris a fashion boutique store based in North London. Founded by Rachel Richard, The Wearer sell “the best London based contemporary jewellery brands” at their store in Islington.

The Wearer have been using Hike since the end of 2019 to help drive footfall to their store and online sales. Since using Hike, they have seen tremendous improvements across many of their target keywords. see the results below:

These have been achieved across a variety of keyword ranking improvements, such as:

“Handmade Jewellery London” – page 1 position 1 (was position 16)
“Contemporary Jewellery London” – page 1 position 2 (was position 58!)
“Jewellery London” – page 1 position 9 (was position 100+!)

We spoke to Rachel to see how she and her team are using Hike to improve their SEO…

Why did you want to do your own SEO?

“I wanted to do my own SEO to save money. I’m on a tight budget and I can’t afford to pay someone else to do it for me.”

Did you have any SEO experience before using Hike?

“None at all which is why I like using Hike because it simplifies the processes for me and clearly lists which areas need attention.”

Would you recommend Hike to other small businesses?

“Absolutely. For any small business with limited time and budget you can still see results quickly with limited SEO knowledge. I don’t see a better way.”

How do you use Hike to manage your SEO?

“I sit down weekly to go through my SEO action list on my dashboard in order of importance. Even if I don’t have a lot of spare time I know I’m addressing the most urgent points. When I get more time, maybe once a month I do a deeper audit of my website and compare it to my competitors.”

What SEO results have you achieved?

“When I first joined Hike I was only tracking 2 keywords on page 1 of Google. I’m now tracking 19. Also when I first joined Hike there were no keywords tracking at position 1, now there are 7 keywords at position 1.”