Perry Coppen

An interview with Perry Coppen

We speak to Perry Coppen, who is a Tidi-cable founder, about their use of the Hike platform and the support services.

Why did you want to do your own SEO?

“As a small PPE & constructions supplies distributor, we’ve always struggled in a highly competitive organic landscape. We’re up against big hardware brands for general items and that’s always been a struggle of ours. So we were always wanting to start ranking higher for some of our product lines and collections, with the aim of generating more revenue.”

Did you have any SEO experience before using Hike?

“I’ve quite a bit of experience with SEO and how it works, I’ve just always struggled with the organisational side of it. Having a single place to do keyword research, align those keywords with content from the site and then a to-do list for how we can rank for those keywords is great.”

Would you recommend Hike to other small businesses?

Absolutely. I’d go as far as saying it’s the best marketing software for small businesses that I’ve come across and I’ve worked in several different small business niches over the last 8 years.

How do you use Hike to manage your SEO?

I log in a couple of times a month and try to complete the task list as much as possible each time. It’s made SO much easier with the actions list. Having a ‘to-do’ list to tick off is revolutionary in my opinion. We’ve tried various other SEO software which is much more expensive, however, my feeling has always been that they tend to overcomplicate things. Hike has simplified the whole process meaning that anyone, no matter their level of experience, can effectively increase and track their organic traffic.”

What SEO results have you achieved?

We’ve achieved first place for a few highly competitive, fairly broad terms (for one of which we’re now above Amazon) and within the second month of using Hike, we’ve clearly seen an ROI on the cost of Hike. We also operate in the USA and recently signed up for a second account to begin growing our sales over there.