Andrew Allen


Andrew Allen

In these challenging times, SEO can be a huge opportunity for agencies to increase their monthly retainer and cashflow.

Even right now, SEO is going to be a super important channel for many of your existing and prospective clients.

That’s why we’re excited to launch our brand new Hike white label SEO audit tool that’s going to help you to sell SEO to existing and new clients!

See the Agency SEO Audit Tool in action 🤩

Do you want your website visitors to register and receive a free SEO audit?

Do you want an easy way to show a prospect a branded SEO audit and easily sell to them?

If you answered “YES!” to either of the above then this is for you.

Watch the video below to see how to set up the tool for your agency and how to use it:

​We’ve built it especially with our agency users in mind to help you identify and sell SEO to clients who need it most. Below I answer some common questions:

What makes this different from other audit tools? 🤔

Our audit tool is unique and more effective at driving sales than other audit software.

Why? There are three main reasons:

1. We show you keyword rankings

This is such an important trigger for making SEO sales; you need to show the client how they currently rank for relevant keywords to show them they need your help. 

2. Your customers can log in, view the audit & even upgrade to your paid services

Not only can you send reports, but the prospect can use the software themselves to delve into the data and will be prompted to sign up to your SEO packages throughout.

3. Price! We’re great value

We’re very competitive in terms of price. Let me tell you more…

How much does it cost? 🤑

There are two packages for the white label audit tool, 25 credits and unlimited credits:

– Basic package (25 credits/month) = £20/month or $25/month

– Pro package (unlimited credits/month) = £40/month or $50/month

The cost for the tool depends on how many credits you want available; 1 credit = 1 audit.

If you’re an existing Hike white label user then you get the 25 credit package included for free 🙂

Can I try it first? 🙏

Yes! Why not try the Hike-branded version?

Go to and click on “Free SEO Report” link:

This will take you to the register page for the audit tool. This uses the Hike branding, but it includes all the same functionality.

Once you sign up you can have the same journey on your website!

How do I get started? 🤝

So, to get set up you need to sign up to Hike as an agency. You can do so here and it’s completely free.

Once you have done that you need to activate ‘white label’ in your account to get the audit tool. This is done within your settings page.

You now have the agency audit tool! Time to get it setup!

We’re your best friend in SEO.

Don’t believe us? Book a demo with Hike and find out yourself, free of charge. It’s time to boost your SEO and make you the hero.

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