Our Latest Customer Case Studies

If you're still not convinced that anyone can do SEO with the help of Hike then read some of the recent case study stories below.

Benjamin-Ashby Boyd, Access Family Law

“Since using Hike and following their best practice guides, our targeted keywords have landed us on the first page of Google. We have now hired more staff to deal with the influx of new clients.”

Anthony LLewellyn

Anthony LLewellyn, Advancemed

“I’ve only been using their platform for a couple of months but I would have to say its already massively improved the SEO performance of our site. Today I noticed we have 5 number 1 rankings for keywords on google and just gone past one of our biggest competitors.”

Ryan MacDougall

Ryan MacDougall, East Coast Beard Bros

“I have to e-mail you guys. I own a small e-comm business and I started to implement your apps suggestions, and it was like magic.. my traffic has spiked via organic search. You guys have an amazing tool!”

Pete Polgar, Glenmont Consulting

“My company was paying hundreds of dollars a month on bloated software, using only 10% of the features (if that). With Hike, anyone in my company can manage an SEO campaign with minimal supervision, saving me at least 2 hours a month per account and thousands in software fees.”