Anthony LLewellyn

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Ryan MacDougall

“I have to e-mail you guys. I own a small e-comm business and I started to implement your app’s suggestions, and it was like magic.. my traffic has spiked via organic search. You guys have an amazing tool!” (Ryan Macdougall,East Coast Beard Bros)

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“Your backlink recommendations are one of my favourite features. I’m currently having productive conversations about backlink opportunities that Hike suggested.” (Jarrod Turner,Edujay)

Rainar Vahtrik

“Hike gives us actionable recommendations for better SEO practises and minimizes the amount of time we have to spend on figuring out our next steps. I especially like the content recommendations which we use to prioritize our blog content !” (Rainar Vahtrik,

John Whitlock

“My traffic dropped because of confused page signals. My CTR dropped from 3.4 to 1.1 because of all the cannibalising pages Hike has flagged to me. I had been optimizing individual category pages and this solved the conflict. You guys are the best.” (John Whitlock,Whitlock Designs)