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Our one of a kind Onsite Optimizer lets you make SEO changes directly on your website, without having to log into your CMS. We use integrated AI to take the complexity out of SEO, automatically generating SEO-optimized content tailored to your target keywords. All at the click of a button. The Onsite Optimizer takes less than 5 minutes to install and works with all websites.

“Hike SEO is a game changer. Now with their Onsite Optimizer, they’ve made it even easier for novices like me to make the changes needed to up our SEO game. I’m really starting to see the difference in our rankings!”

Dale, Finance Advice Centre

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    Why Opt for the Optimizer?

    Instead of logging into your CMS and manually implementing SEO recommendations suggested by the platform – you can instantly apply the improvements from within Hike, slashing your SEO task time by more than 50%.

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  • Save Time and Effort

    No more juggling between multiple platforms. The Onsite Optimizer allows you to make real-time changes directly within Hike, streamlining your workflow and saving valuable time.

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    Included in Your Subscription

    The Onsite Optimizer is part of your Hike subscription. There are no hidden fees or additional costs, giving you the freedom to choose how you manage your SEO updates. The Optimizer is an addition to the current Hike features, catering to all preferred ways of working.

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I just tried this on a client site, simple to set up and even easier to use. I knocked out several 10-minute actions in just a few minutes.
I feel so much smarter.”

John, Agency Hike User

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  • Benefits of The Onsite Optimizer

    > AI powered SEO: recommendations automatically made and implemented in less than half the time 

    > Easy to use & install: you’ll get step by step guidance throughout the process and can install The Onsite Optimizer in less than 5 minutes 

    > Google approved SEO: our JavaScript optimization aligns with Google’s guidelines, ensuring all changes are search-engine friendly

    > Your SEO agent: the Onsite Optimizer will instinctively deliver SEO content, optimization improvements, headers and meta descriptions and so much more

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Hike works with all website CMS platforms, including…