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Gabriel Both at Hike SEO

In this video, I’ll introduce some exciting AI-powered features in Hike: Suggested Keywords and Sitemap and Keyword Review. These tools employ cutting-edge technology to enhance your SEO strategy. You can watch the video, or read the text summary below:

To start, let’s explore ‘Suggested Keywords’:

  1. Navigate to the ‘Strategy’ tab and select ‘Keyword Research’.
  2. As an example, let’s use to understand this feature better.
  3. Hike uses advanced AI to suggest keywords relevant to your business sector and website content. Click on ‘Suggested Keywords’ to see these recommendations.
  4. You’ll find suggestions such as ‘coffee shop’, ‘local cafe’, and ‘best coffee’, which are highly pertinent to Starbucks.
  5. Click ‘Show More’ to expand the list. Then, select the most relevant keywords.
  6. Filter through these suggested keywords, focusing on those with high search volume and low difficulty score.
  7. Add your chosen keywords to your list for mapping to specific pages or tracking.

The next feature is ‘Keyword Sitemap and Review’:

  1. Once you have selected your keywords, go to the ‘Keyword Sitemap’ section.
  2. Here, Hike’s AI evaluates if the chosen keywords suit your website content. Look for the ‘Review’ column.
  3. By default, an hourglass icon indicates that the keyword hasn’t been reviewed. Click on ‘Review Sitemap’ to initiate the process.
  4. The AI will examine the assigned keywords in relation to the designated pages and provide feedback.
  5. Once reviewed, a checkmark appears. If the keyword matches the content well, the system confirms it and provides a brief explanation.
  6. Hovering over icons provides more information. A question mark, for example, signifies a mismatch between the keyword’s intent and the page’s theme, suggesting the need for adjustments.

These AI-based features ensure a better alignment of your keywords with your content and industry, leading to improved SEO rankings and user engagement. If you have any questions about these features, feel free to reach out. Until our next tutorial, happy optimizing!

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