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So today we’re starting with http://www.femailsocialmedia.co.uk/ from founder Hannah Atkinson.

If you want to join in then have a quick browse over Hannah’s site and let us know in the comments what your best SEO tip would be.

Keyword strategy creation

“My tip would be to find an umbrella keyword that defines the work you do, and optimise it on your homepage.

My first thought was ‘social media management’ but this is quite competitive for SEO. As you’re a new website, I’d try to go for something a little longer and less competitive.

So I found ‘social media management services’ which is well searched for (~170 searches per month) and is less competitive.

Of course there’s still lots to do to get you ranking page 1 for this term, but it’s good to have it in place so as your SEO improves you can push for this keyword.

You can have a look for yourself too, I recommend using this tool which is simple to use https://neilpatel.com/ubersuggest/

Once you’ve decided on a keyword that ‘sums’ up what you do, then you need to optimise it on your homepage, in these places:
– your page title
– your meta description
– your headings
– your copy

Try to find synonyms and related keywords to add into the page copy too, as this will not only show you know what you’re talking about but Google will love it! ??

There’s lots more you can do afterwards (I saw there was keywords based around each of the social networks, so you could build pages to promote the different networks you can manage), but this would be a good place to start.” (Andrew Allen)

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