Andrew Allen


Andrew Allen

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Let’s get physical with today’s startup audit! ?So what’s the learning from today?

How to prevent ‘keyword cannibalisation’!

With a word like ‘cannibalisation’ you’ve probably guessed it’s something you want to avoid ?

Today’s audit is for Cross Fit clothing company Beyond The Box Apparel.

What is keyword cannibalisation?

“So what do I mean by keyword cannibalisation? Well, in the SEO world it refers to websites that are optimising the same keyword on more than one page.

For example, with Beyond The Box Apparel, a big keyword for them is ‘Crossfit Clothing’. It sums up their entire product range! The problem for them though… they aren’t being clear to Google what page users should land on.

Look at the screenshot below, there are lots of mentions of this phrase, on many of their pages.

So why is this bad? This is what we call keyword cannibalisation.

So, imagine when someone searches on Google for ‘crossfire clothing’.

Google goes “Hey I know this website called Beyond The Box Apparel and they do crossfit clothing! I just need to figure out what page to show the searcher…”

And this is where it gets stuck ?

At the moment there are too many pages all shouting at Google “pick me, pick me”.

Google gets a bit confused by this. And in its confusion, it decides not to pick any of the pages! And then Beyond The Box Apparel don’t rank, and don’t appear when a potential customer is searching for cross fit clothing.

So, what you want to do is clean this up. You want to pick one page to optimise this keyword on, and then remove the optimisation for it on the remaining pages. The good thing is it’s a relatively quick win.

To me it looks like your homepage, or shop page, would be a good place to direct users too. Then for the remaining pages try and remove this phrase from the important SEO elements (page titles, meta descriptions, headings, overuse in the copy, etc).

This will help massively in the short and long term.” (Andrew Allen)


“Hey Andrew Allen thanks so much for the feedback. I will take a look and make these adjustments this week!

I’ll also take a look at the blogs, they seem to load fine for me but there’s clearly an issue.

Thanks all!” (Matty Lee)

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