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Up today is http://onetechtraveller.com/ from founder Russell-Harvey Fernandez.

Lovely looking website this one, going to be tough to pull myself away from browsing the articles and focus on SEO ??

Page speed

“Hey Russell-Harvey Fernandez really nice website!

From an SEO perspective I really like the way you structure your review blog titles. For example, on http://onetechtraveller.com/sefu-switch-bag-nintendo…/ you have the name of the product at the ‘front’ of the title, followed by more descriptive copy.

This means you rank well for the products you review, eg for the term ‘Sefu Switch Bag’ you rank position 3. This is great ?

My advice today is around page speed. Especially when using your site on mobile.

Google uses page speed as a ranking factor and they are currently moving to what is called ‘mobile first indexing’ which means Google will only look at your site as if from a mobile device. So it’s important to make sure your site is as fast as possible on a mobile.

I’ve spotted that the Instagram feed at the bottom of your webpages is causing load issues for a mobile.

The reason for this is that the images are not being scaled for a mobile device, and this means the mobile user has to load the same size images a desktop user has to.

And this isn’t needed because mobile screens are a lot smaller than desktops.

Do you know what plugin you’re using to pull Instagram through?

I’ve looked into it and it seems that some Instagram plugins have this issue. But there is one that scales images correctly, it’s called ‘Instagram Feed’ – https://en-gb.wordpress.org/plugins/instagram-feed/

I’d definitely give this a go if you’re not using it already.

One of the best online resources to use to check your website’s load time is https://gtmetrix.com/ – this is how I spotted the issue with the images not scaling.

Hope this helps!” (Andrew Allen)

“Thanks for the feedback Andrew! Site speed is definitely an area I want to improve especially for mobile. Also want to optimise my sitemap so Google search results give the branched categories underneath when you search my website. Much appreciated my man!” (Russell-Harvey Fernandez)

Google My Business

“So for that I have a tip. Google will only show ‘sitelinks’ (that’s what they’re called) when they think a search query used is a brand search.

So you need to force Google that when someone searches ‘One Tech Traveller’ they are looking for your brand.

One great way to do that is to set up a Google My Business profile for your brand name, which will help with sitelinks and also give you a knowledge graph section on the right of the SERPs.

I’ve highlighted with airbnb below…” (Andrew Allen)



“Ah great, I can register even if I don’t have a physical store? Definitely want it as a brand so really good to know!” (Russell-Harvey Fernandez)

“Yeah, you can hide your address too so no-one see’s your office address (if you wanted to hide it that is – see screenshot). Also, Wikipedia pages help for brands, and setting up schema on your social links on the website to reference your social channels (see this link https://developers.google.com/…/data-types/social-profile). All of this will help get you sitelinks and a knowledge graph”


“Hey Russell-Harvey Fernandez saw this has happened in Google. Looking better!” (Andrew Allen)


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