Who is The Bright Click?

The Bright Click are an eight-member strong Digital Agency based in Teddington, London. Although SEO has been a service they’ve offered since their incorporation in 2012, they have recently been focussed on developing this area of the business further. Some of their key goals have been to streamline their SEO processes, speed up the onboarding of new SEO clients and to overall see in an improvement in new and existing client’s results. The Bright Click looked to Hike for a solution in improving how they deliver SEO.

In this case study, Richard September (Account Executive) talks about Hike’s positive impact on producing better SEO results for their clients.

“At The Bright Click, we specialise in Web Design, Digital Marketing and Lead Generation services for SME businesses throughout the UK. Based in South West London, we work with a range of clients primarily in the London boroughs and surrounding areas – although our client base spans all the way to Cheshire! Some of our popular services include Web Design, Paid Search Advertising (PPC), Social Media Management and – more recently – an enhanced SEO service.”

Why did you want to enhance your SEO?

“Although we’ve offered SEO services for few years now, we are constantly on the lookout to improve what we do so and ultimately produce better results for our clients.

One of our main reasons for implementing Hike was due to an increase in enquiries from prospective clients who were interested in solely having their SEO managed for them. SEO was something we had been implementing within our existing client’s plans, but it hadn’t necessarily developed as stand-alone service – more of an added extra alongside our Web Design, for example. Hike came at an excellent time for us, which we saw as an opportunity to bump our SEO services up a notch and generate a larger pool of clients.”

What kind of solution did you want?

“We wanted a solution that could boost our confidence in taking onboard new SEO clients in a way that allowed us to understand exactly what it would take for them to rank higher on Google. Although we also use other software to produce audits and flag site issues, Hike’s linear approach to SEO with its Monthly Action’s feature makes it easier to know where to start, and what issues to prioritise. Hike allows you to choose the number of hours to spend on each account, which makes time management easier in addition to making sure you’re not spending too much on one and potentially neglecting another. Hike’s straightforward dashboard also helps make sure we’re covering all bases of SEO that it recommends, and by connecting Google Analytics and Search Console, we have everything in one place.

Hike has allowed us to now demonstrate to prospective SEO clients that we have the tools and strategy to improve their organic visibility in search.”

Why did Hike fit that bill?

“Different clients come into the SEO process at different stages. Some have done it before; some are looking to do it for the first time. Some have smaller budgets than others. Some are sceptical about what SEO is and whether it can work for them. Hike enables us to onboard these clients at whatever stage they’re at, and to seamlessly move forward based on their objectives from there.”

What impact has Hike had on your business?

“Hike has had a significant impact on the SEO side of our business, which has helped us produce some excellent results for our clients. After just two months of using Hike, we’ve already seen a number of our clients now ranking for key phrases faster than perhaps by our previous standards.

For example, we had been struggling to rank for some key phrases with one of our existing clients; a solicitor based in South London. Whilst the software we have been using prior to Hike flagged up issues to fix which we implemented to improve SEO, Hike’s linear approach to organising SEO actions allowed us to visualise exactly how to execute them and in what order. This allowed us to push our client up to rank 1 for ‘South London Solicitors’, alongside gaining some excellent page one wins.

In keeping our clients updated with the progress of their website, they reported having received an influx in the number of enquiries coming through to their website following their increase in rankings – an excellent result.”