Who is Trident?

Trident is a dynamic marketing agency based in Leicestershire with a strong focus on web design, SEO, PPC, branding, and graphic design.  After signing up to Hike in 2020, the subsequent success Trident experienced allowed them to grow their revenue, client base, and even their team. In this case study, Adam (Managing Director at Trident) speaks about his experience with Hike.

The Challenge:

While Trident already possessed a comprehensive knowledge of SEO, they were outsourcing SEO work for their clients, which was not delivering the desired results. The rankings of keywords either stagnated or fell, leading to Trident feeling that they were losing control. Considering that it was their reputation on the line with clients, they felt the pressing need to regain command.


So, Why Hike?

After being recommended by another agency, Trident had trust in Hike’s services from the outset. Adam said that some of the main reasons Trident went with Hike were:

  • A Client-Centric Approach: Trident felt that Hike was genuinely keen on helping them succeed. After meeting with Hike’s CEO, Andy, they were convinced about the platform’s efficacy.
  • Cost-Effective Pricing: With Hike’s “paying per client site” model, Trident found value, as it allowed them to be profitable despite having a small number of clients.

The Results:

The growth and transformation Trident experienced after integrating Hike were undeniable. Trident went from managing SEO for just three clients, plus their own website, to 23 different websites. As well as this, the increase in clients had a knock-on effect as it allowed Trident to expand its team. What started as one person handling SEO on the side became a team of three full-timers dedicated to SEO.

Valuable Features

We asked Adam what features of the Hike platform he found most valuable. Some features that stood out and greatly assisted Trident included:

  • Efficient Onboarding: The structured client onboarding process ensured no steps were missed.
  • In-depth Blog Research: The blog article research was “really powerful”.
  • Simplified Actions: The straightforward actions helped new starters understand the system.
  • The Hike Academy: All new starters used the Hike Academy in their first week of starting, ensuring they quickly learned about both the platform and SEO as a whole.

The standout experience, however, was the unparalleled support they received. Adam told us that unlike other service providers he had experience dealing with, Hike’s support team showcased a genuine interest in understanding Trident’s business, always ensuring they felt valued and understood.

“The support team is great – so personal and really understands your business… The team is amazing.” – Adam, Trident.

The Transition

After a successful time working with Hike, Trident grew and took on more significant, higher-budget clients. They felt the need for deeper insights and actions and began to integrate additional free tools alongside Hike to get these. However, the fragmented nature of this approach and the subsequent training costs prompted them to transition to a different SEO tool. 

Whilst their journey with Hike might have ended, Trident can reflect on their time with Hike as a successful one.