Hike Launches White-label

17th June 2019

17th June 2019

This update seems like it was a long time coming but we have today launched white-label functionality on the Hike platform. White-label has been by far the most requested Hike feature since we launched the platform and it is one we are excited to be adding today.

Add your own custom domain, logos and background image to make the login experience for your customers as professional as possible!

White-label gives you the ability to have your own custom domain (see https://genericseoagency.com/ as an example!) or your own custom subdomain on the hike.marketing domain.

We also give you the ability to add your own branding, background images and live-chat.

Custom Branding

When updating branding you can control 3 areas;

Company Name: This will show within the title tag of every page on the platform.

Powered By: Control Hike mentions throughout the platform, by selecting ‘No’, you will remove all mentions of Hike.

Action Delivery Link: Want to sell SEO services to your clients as an add-on? Add a link to your webpage here and we’ll show it within the actions section

Citation Delivery Link: Want to sell citation building services to your clients as an add-on? Add a link to your webpage here and we’ll show it within the actions section

Live Chat Setup: Here you can add your own live chat ID from multiple live chat suppliers – you choose the one you prefer the most.

Custom Imagery

In this section, you can replace the Hike logos on the platform. There are 4 images you can update, these are;

Top Logo: The logo that is shown throughout the platform when you are logged in.

Login Logo: The logo that shows on the left-hand side of the login screens.

Login Background: The background image that shows on the login page

Favicon: The icon that shows within the browser tab.

Custom Domains

Finally, you can set up your own custom domain or sub-domain.

Custom Domain: You can also choose to have Hike accessible via your own custom domain. We will also put it onto an SSL for you, so it’s nice and secure! For example;

Subdomain: Choose your own personal subdomain and access Hike whilst still keeping the hike.marketing domain. For example https://genericseoagency.hike.marketing

Simple Pricing

Now I know what you are thinking… with all the above features this is going to cost a fortune!

Well, you are WRONG!

We wanted to keep pricing simple, one price for white-label regardless of the number of customers you have within the platform.

All of the above will cost you just £19.99 / $24.99 per month. This monthly flat fee will cover all websites within your account.

If you are interested in upgrading just head to your reseller settings to activate.

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