Andrew Allen

CEO, Hike Co-founder

This week, we were joined by Wix and Uberall — two absolute powerhouses in the digital space — to host a webinar about the future of SEO for small businesses.

Never before have we been in a position where the future of search engines – and search in general – is so unknowable. One thing is for sure though; organic search is going nowhere!

Watch the webinar below, and learn what Mordy, Mat and myself believe are the key upcoming changes in the world of SEO:

Who are the experts?

In this webinar, we recruited the help of two hugely experienced SEO experts, let me tell you about them:

> From Uberall’s side, we are being joined by Mat Coghlan. He’s Director of SEO Partnerships at Uberall and is an expert in all things local SEO.
> From Wix’s side, we have Mordy Oberstein. He’s Wix’s Head of Brand SEO and has been instrumental towards Wix’s improvements on the SEO front over the last year.
> And finally, representing Hike is me! I’ve worked in SEO for over 11 years across various clients and now lead the Hike team.

I hope you enjoyed the webinar! We certainly did.

Keep an eye out for future webinars, as there are lots fo great topics and guests coming before the end of the year.

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