Merrick Fuller

An interview with Merrick Fuller

We speak to Merrick Fuller, who leads MR Cricket Hockey’s sales development, about their use of the Hike platform and the support services.

Why did you want to do your own SEO?

“We struggled to find any agencies that were both within our marketing budget, and that we had confidence they would deliver what we wanted. Whilst we never initially envisaged doing SEO ourselves the Hike platform has shown what really goes into a really good SEO campaign and we are happy to work alongside the Hike support team as well, whilst we do the parts that we are comfortable working on.”

Did you have any SEO experience before using Hike?

“Previous to signing up to Hike we had used various web design companies/SEO specialists which we would pay a monthly fee and they would report (which I now know to be poorly!) on a monthly basis or – more likely – when we would chase them. Before Hike, SEO seemed to be a black hole where you would give someone money and not really know what they would be doing for it!”

Would you recommend Hike to other small businesses?

“110%. I cannot recommend them highly enough. The platform is great, it’s in a language that anyone can understand and there is a clear path to what you want to achieve.”

How do you use Hike to manage your SEO?

“We pay a monthly fee for their support services, for the Hike team to complete a number of hours on our website. We have been doing this for months and it gives me great confidence that they are just overlooking what we are doing and subsequently picking up on things that I’m not aware of.  We pay the ongoing monthly fee and added Hike Local services to drive more footfall to our shop and raise the number of actions that we can complete.”

What SEO results have you achieved?

“Since we started with Hike we’ve seen lots of our main target keywords moving onto page 1 and our traffic has really increased year-on-year! The Hike team helped us to find the best keywords to target, and then the system directed us and the Hike team on what changes we needed to make to get those keywords higher in the Google results. It’s not been instant – SEO takes time – but we’ve seen improvements every month and now we’re getting the benefit of the time and money we’ve invested into our SEO.”