Mat Baxter

An interview with Mat Baxter

We speak to Mat Baxter, founder of Streamwork Marketing, about their use of the Hike platform and the Hike support services.

Why did you want to do your own SEO?

“Streamwork Marketing actually started from the discovery of Hike, in a way. As Streamwork Digital we worked with small businesses primarily as a web agency, providing branding, photography, video web design, development and hosting and support. Looking for a more reliable monthly income stream, marketing services was an obvious choice, however, being a 2-man company and not looking to expand a team, we were limited with the amount of work we could take on.

David, my business partner moved more into business consultancy offering a product called Zoho One. This fit in well with how we wanted to start working with small businesses – we act as the ‘architects’, planning and strategising then working with trusted 3rd parties to carry out the work. With this approach and always looking to grow businesses online, naturally, the need for marketing services became paramount. Enter Hike SEO.”

What was attractive about Hike?

I stumbled across Hike on Facebook and – after checking it out – it was perfect, exactly the software I never knew I needed. It allows me to create and manage an SEO strategy for our clients and work on the most important tasks first, providing better and faster results to our clients. Then, from a scalability perspective, we also have the option to get the Hike team to complete certain actions allowing us to scale our agency without employees. For us, this is the exact business model we’re after. So, Streamwork Marketing was then born.

We split our small business offering into two:

  • 1. Business strategy and back-office software with Zoho One (Streamwork Digital)
  • 2. Digital Marketing and Web (Streamwork Marketing)

This allowed us to target more small businesses with more specific messaging and requirements. It also meant for greater cross-sell between our services.

How do you use Hike?

The Hike SEO software itself provides some amazing upsell opportunities. For example, the audit highlights technical issues that must be fixed so an ongoing technical SEO maintenance budget comes into play. It highlights new keywords to target and therefore new pages to create, so content writing, design and development budgets. It promotes the generation of ongoing content like blog articles, so a recurring monthly revenue stream there. With the introduction of Hike Local brings review management, listing optimisations etc. So many possibilities of upselling and from our perspective, as the agency and strategic “architects” it allows us to re-assign client budgets into the activities that will provide the best results for that specific client.

We benefit not only from the upsell opportunities but with the support services that Hike offers. It provides us with the opportunity to increase our potential revenue per client by £750 per month without the need for hiring staff. This is a complete game-changer for us specifically (and probably a lot of other agencies out there) as it allows us to scale our business in our way.

What impact has Hike had to your agency?

Since the adoption of Hike SEO into Streamwork Marketing, we’ve onboarded and upsold SEO and other activities as ongoing services to many of our small business clients (7 and counting) and we’re on target to doubling our monthly recurring revenue this fiscal year with the additional services generated from Hike SEO.

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