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Gabriel Both at Hike SEO

In this video, you will learn about all of the new & upcoming Hike features that you can start using to make your SEO journey easier, faster, and more effective for your business. You can watch the replay below, or read the quick summary below:

Thank you all for joining us today. This webinar is going to be exciting as we delve into the new features that have been introduced to Hike in the past few months. We’ll walk you through these features step by step, and I’ll also give you a sneak peek of some upcoming features that are on the horizon. Feel free to ask questions throughout the presentation by using the chat, and I’ll address them at the end.

Let’s get started with the AI-enabled features within Hike. As you may know, we utilize Chat GPT as the backend for our AI systems, integrating it intelligently throughout certain features. One such feature is the suggested keywords. By clicking on “suggested keywords,” you can get AI-generated keyword ideas based on your business category and manually added keywords. These suggestions make it much easier to get started with keyword research.

Another AI-enabled aspect is the “chosen keywords” section. Once you’ve selected relevant keywords for your business, you can click on “chosen keywords” and see a review column. The AI will assess whether the selected keywords match your business category and website, helping you make informed choices.

Moving on to the keyword sitemap, once you’ve chosen keywords, the next step is assigning them to specific pages on your website. By adding keywords and refreshing the page, the AI will assess whether the keywords are a good match for the assigned pages.

We’ve also made improvements to the Content Wizard, updating it to Chat GPT 4. You can now add keywords to your content ideas, and Chat GPT will generate more comprehensive and accurate copies for your blog posts or articles.

Additionally, we’ve expanded and updated our knowledge base, providing more in-depth articles to answer various SEO-related questions. You can find valuable information on a wide range of topics there.

For those seeking additional services, we’ve introduced the Hike Approved Partner Portal, where you can find suitable agencies to meet your specific needs and goals.

As for Google Analytics, we’ve transitioned to version 4 and updated the Report Builder. You’ll find new GA4 metrics and dimensions to enhance your reporting capabilities.

In the future, we’ll be adding predefined Google Analytics 4 widgets to the system, providing you with more options for data visualization. Also, we’re launching the Learn SEO Hub, a collection of in-depth articles covering various SEO aspects.

I hope you find these features beneficial and that they help you achieve your SEO goals. If you have any questions or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team.

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