Andrew Allen

Hike co-founder

Andrew Allen

Hello there 👋 My name’s Andy and I’m one of Hike’s co-founders. Here at Hike we send out monthly emails to our customers running through what improvements we’ve made to both the platform and our service to customers.

Moving forwards we’re going to start posting these on our blog too, so everyone – even those who aren’t yet a Hike customer! – can see what we’re doing, every month, to improve the platform. Without further ado…

Hey Hikers! April was another busy month! Have a watch below or read below to find out about the new Google white-label connection, ability to swap websites, new internal link actions, updated Journalist Outreach page, and more;

Connect to Google From Your White-Label Platform 😍

This is a BIG ONE for our agency customers! We’ve now rolled out a massive update which means your clients can directly connect their own Google accounts (Google Analytics, Search Console and Google My Business) from within your white-label domain.

This means you no longer have to do this for your clients yourself, which caused a huge level of friction when onboarding new clients.

New Actions! Internal Link Improvements 🖇️

Making sure that you’re optimizing your anchor text is key to your SEO success. Including keywords – and removing unwanted phrases – could help your rankings massively.

Hike now has 4 new actions types to help you optimize your anchor text, including: adding keywords to internal links, repointing existing links to help your SEO, ensuring you’re always using HTTP/S, and identifying orphaned pages.

Ability to Swap Websites 🕺

You can now swap websites in your account without incurring any charges. If you need to swap a clients website in Hike for another website, you can now do this without creating a new subscription.

Improved E-mail Feature in Journalist Outreach 📯

When you reply to a journalist request within Hike you’ll now see our new-and-improved email format. Following feedback that the old format wasn’t the easiest to use, we’ve introduced a cleaner UI and smoother template process to follow.

GMB Post Error Reporting 🧐

Within Hike’s Local Posts feature you can post directly to your GMB listing, and schedule those posts over time (a great time saver!). However, sometimes these posts might not go live due to a number of reasons, such as incorrect permissions and unauthorized locations. Hike will now display any posts of this kind so you know what needs to be updated

That’s all for now! Have a great rest of your May – stay safe and catch up soon.


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