Andrew Allen

Hike co-founder

Andrew Allen

Hey Hikers! Lot’s to announce this month at Hike, from a new source for blog ideas to more keywords, monthly SEO reports, and — one for our agency users — the ability to customize Hike emails. As always, watch the video update below or carry on to read the overview of the new updates:

Monthly Email SEO Reports 📊

You’ll soon start receiving a monthly SEO report delivered straight to your inbox! Providing you with a monthly overview of your performance, from keywords to traffic, GMB, actions and more.

You can edit the report and decide who receives it within the Report Builder.

Edit your report here (it’s the report called ‘Monthly SEO Report’).

Blog Ideas With Search Volume + KW Difficulty 💭

Now you can find new blog ideas directly within Hike’s Keyword Ideas feature.

Simply click on ‘Blog Ideas’ from the ‘Filters’ drop-down and Hike will display all the keywords that match an informational intent — i.e. those you need to create a blog for!

View the keyword research tool and click on the ‘filters’ tab at the top right.

Hidden Keyword Rankings – Increased Limit 🔑

Did you know Hike will tell you all the keywords your website ranks for? And it does the same for your competitor’s website, too.

We’ve just increased the limit on the number of keywords Hike returns to 500. So you can now see more keywords you already rank for and spy through more of your competitor’s keywords!

Note – you’ll need to refresh the audit for any websites you’ve already added to get the full 500 keywords.

Visit the competition section here.

Email Template Manager 📩

This is a biggie for our white-label agency users.

You can now white-label the emails the platform sends to your users and edit them to match your tone of voice. You can also decide which emails every user receives.

Note – your added user will not automatically receive your emails. You’ll need to switch them on within their notification settings.

Customize your white-label emails here.

That’s all for now, have a great day everyone!

Andy, Hike Co-founder

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