Monthly update - March

Andrew Allen

Hike co-founder

Andrew Allen

Hello there 👋 My name’s Andy and I’m one of Hike’s co-founders. Here at Hike we send out monthly emails to our customers running through what improvements we’ve made to both the platform and our service to customers.

Moving forwards we’re going to start posting these on our blog too, so everyone – even those who aren’t yet a Hike customer! – can see what we’re doing, every month, to improve the platform. Without further ado…

Hey Hikers! I wanted to drop you an email with an update of what we rolled out to the platform last month.

Have a watch or read below to find out about our competitor identification, improved keyword analysis data, adding backlinks manually, latest training webinar recording and the ability to export Hike Local actions as a CSV;

And here’s a recap for those of you who’d rather read the news than watch it… 

SEO Competitors 🤓

Hike now recommends competitor websites for you to add into the platform to get the most value from the feature. When you click ‘Add competitor’ you’ll now be presented with a list of websites. Top tip – review the matching keywords to find like-for-like competitors.

Add a new competitor website into the platform.

Improved Keyword Analysis 📊

We’ve rolled out a new page within the Keyword Rankings report section that gives you more information – at a keyword level – on historical rankings, SERP data, and competitors. You simply just need to click the keyword analysis icon in the table.

Check out your keyword rankings

Training Webinar 👨‍🏫

Last week we recorded a new training webinar called ‘Hike Introduction’. Don’t be fooled by the name though; this webinar is as relevant for existing users as it is for new users. We run through some top tricks and tips to get the most from the platform.

Watch the webinar here.

Add New Backlinks 🔗

Have you built a backlink to your website, but Hike hasn’t found it yet? You can now manually add a backlink into the ‘Your Backlinks’ section. Simply click the ‘Add Backlink’ button on the below page.

Check out your backlinks.

Export Local Actions to CSV 🙌

You can now export your Hike Local actions to a CSV document, just as you can with the regular actions.

View your Hike Local actions.

And Finally, Welcome Nick and Amy! 🥳

As Hike continues to grow so does the team! Nick is a Software Developer and will support the development team. And Amy will be working within the customer success team as a Digital Marketing Executive.

That’s all for now! Have a great rest of your March – stay safe and catch up soon.


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