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    With clear, step-by-step instructions and time estimates, our SEO platform scans for optimization opportunities, whether you’re managing one website or juggling multiple client projects.

    All it takes is a few dedicated hours every month in our platform to utilize this expert guidance and see noticeable SEO improvements.

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“Hike has been amazing so far. It has helped me notice things that Semrush didn’t pick up, or if it did, it didn’t make me aware. Hike is an amazing solution that has increased my rankings by a few places after just a few weeks.”
Mark Robinson, Albionforest.co.uk, Source: Google Reviews

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Rank higher by following guided, prioritized, actionable tips tailored to each website.

No SEO experience is required. Complete action steps at your own pace or delegate them to your team, thanks to our constantly updated click-by-click guides.

  • Give Hike your client’s information, and get 100+ keyword opportunities.

    Input the industry, and let Hike’s AI assistant identify high-impact keywords.

    ✅ Relevant to your or your clients’ business.
    ✅ Keywords designed to attract qualified leads.
    ✅ AI-driven insights for easy execution.

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  • Get guided, actionable tasks tailored to the time you have allocated.

    Tell Hike your monthly time allowance for each website, and we’ll prioritize tasks accordingly.

    ✅ Clear time estimates for each task.
    ✅ Adapt the work to fit your or your clients’ schedule.
    ✅ See noticeable results by dedicating a few hours every month.

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  • Just follow the step-by-step guides.

    Every tip comes with a comprehensive explanation, so whether it’s your team or your client’s team executing, there’s no room for error.

    ✅ Over 50 guides covering a wide range of SEO aspects.
    ✅ Suitable for all platforms, including WordPress, Shopify, Wix, and more.

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  • Generate SEO-friendly client blog posts with AI.

    Choose a topic and let Hike draft the articles for you. A few edits to match your or your client’s tone, and you’re ready to publish.

    ✅ Leveraging Chat-GPT technology.
    ✅ Up to 700-word SEO-optimized articles.
    ✅ Easy edit and review process.

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Hike works with all websites, including (but not limited to)…

  • Share up-to-date reports with clients and stakeholders.

    Keep everyone in the loop with easily digestible insights on work completed, rankings, traffic, and next steps.

    ✅ Easily show the work you’ve completed.
    ✅ Highlight
    the progress made.
    ✅ Add your own branding.

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