Who are EyeMedia Studios?

EyeMedia Studiosis managed by Bill Gidda. They specialize in professional photo shoot portraits for individuals and businesses.

EyeMedia Studios have been using Hike since the end of 2019 and they optimize their website for photo & portrait keywords. Since using Hike, EyeMedia Studios have seen tremendous improvements across many of their target keywords. see the results below:

These have been achieved across a variety of keyword ranking improvements, such as:

“Photo Shoots” – page 1 position 1 (was position 3)
“Portrait Photography” – page 1 position 2 (was position 8)
“Business Headshots” – page 1 position 5 (was position 10)

We spoke to Bill to see how he and his team are using Hike to improve their SEO…

Why did you want to do your own SEO?

“After learning how to build my website, I realised I needed to get more traffic to my website. I have always been a hands-on type of guy and knew I had to become better at SEO for my business to succeed.”

Did you have any SEO experience before using Hike?

“I enrolled in quite a few online SEO courses, some good some bad. The courses gave me a great starting point in becoming better at SEO.”

How do you use Hike to manage your SEO?

“I like using Hike because it gives me the correct steps and structure to do SEO properly without really thinking about it. Even though I am efficient at SEO, HIKE makes it so easy, which allows me to spend more time on running my business.”

Would you recommend Hike to other small businesses?

“I would recommend Hike to other small businesses because of no matter what level of skills you have in SEO from beginner to intermediate – you cannot go wrong with Hike. Hike will guide you on doing the appropriate tasks in a very structured and efficient way which will help boost the rankings of your website.”